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MethodTV: What is MethodTV?

From our friends at Method:

What is MethodTV? Shit. Find out.

Come if you are interested in writing/producing/filming television, web series, short films, sketches, music videos and or any other kind video content under the sun.

We have begun preliminary production on several new projects and are looking to assemble crews ASAP. That being said, we are looking for new and FRESH ideas and good clean people. make your dreams into a video reality!!

what are those: http://www.method-magazine.com/methodtv/

Date: Today, September 22
Time: 6-7pm
Place: 41 Wyllys (where? who knows??)

‘Crossing Lines’ Reflection Activity

From Emma Golub ’16:

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is celebrated this year beginning on the evening of September 22. Following the traditional evening service, I will be leading an exercise in mindfulness called ‘Crossing Lines’. Talia Baurer ’15 brought this to our community at Wes; you may have participated in variations of it with her throughout the past 3 years(!) or elsewhere.

One side of the room will be designated ‘Agree’, the other ‘Disagree’. I will read aloud statements and we will shuffle about the room according to our levels of agreement. If you are uncertain about a statement or don’t wish to share, you’re welcome to stand in the middle, or step outside of the activity. The space we create is judgment-free and confidential. The idea is to practice a consciousness, to be a support system, to learn. You certainly do not need to be Jewish to participate. The statements range from small-talk/sillier to quite personal, and we will have a discussion afterwards!

Contact me with questions–egolub[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: Today, September 22
Time: 9-10pm
Place: The Bayit, 157 Church St.