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Film Series: Hamilton’s America

2016. USA. Dir: Alex Horwitz. Documentary. 84 min.

You’ve watched Lin-Manuel Miranda on SNL, sung along to the cast album a little too loudly at parties, and (if you’re lucky) seen the Broadway smash hit Hamilton itself. The alumnus-directed PBS Great Performances doc provides an unprecedented look into the behind-the-scenes creation of a pop culture phenomenon.

Q&A with Horwitz ’02 to follow.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / Free

Screening: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Part Two

Still trying to get us all to care about the world, Katherine Clifford ’14 announces:

Half the Sky-Wesleyan is hosting a screening of Part 2 of the PBS documentary: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

The documentary is based on the best-selling book by journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Part 2 of the film features Kristof and celebrity advocates America Ferrera, Diane Lane, and Olivia Wilde in India, Somalia/Somaliland, and Kibera, Kenya as they encounter stories of the shocking challenges facing women and girls. This section focuses on the issues of maternal morality, intergenerational prostitution, and economic hardship and on the hopeful stories of individuals working to empower women.

For those of you who saw part 1 last month, you won’t want to miss the second half. If you weren’t able to see the first half, it doesn’t matter! Come see this moving and inspirational film. We’re also doing a school supply drive for rural schools in Baja, Mexico, so bring donations to the screening if you’re able to!

Date: Thursday, November 29th
Time: 8 pm
Place: Exley 150
Cost: $0 but bring school supplies and closet junk!

Where in the World Is Steve Roslonek?

…in upbeat, instructional children’s music videos, apparently.

So, it’s two weeks into spring semester of senior year. Just when you think liberation is in your grasp, you feel it gradually being snatched away as you realize the daunting future that looms ahead of you. Ah, to be a kid again…

But who says you can’t? Certainly not Steve Roslonek ’93, a former member of the Spirits (edit courtesy of the comments section) now known as SteveSongs. Attempting to fill the gap created by the departure of the other, perhaps better-known Steve (who has evidently discarded the congenial mantle he once assumed in favor of a more douchey, faux-emo, Justin Timberlake-esque style) from the children’s television gamut, Roslonek performs on intermediate segments of the PBS Kids Preschool Block (aired during the highly-coveted 8:00am weekday primetime block).

A recipient of the highly-coveted Parents’ Choice Award and the iParenting Media Awards, SteveSongs allegedly holds 200-400 concerts a year, surely attended by hordes of aspiring pre-Bieberites. 

Roth on PBS News Hour

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

We’ve all heard President Roth’s defenses of higher education (particularly liberal arts education) in speeches, blog posts, editorials, and more.  Now, however, he’s taken it to the next level: television.

Roth joined a variety of experts with a variety of opinions on the question of if a college diploma is worth it.  The debate’s been quite a theme lately, with a NYT Room for Debate on it and similar coverage from elsewhere (when the media seizes on something, it goes crazy, doesn’t it?).  Roth’s argument was what he has been sticking to from the start:

College is a great investment. And it works so well for so many.

America has built the greatest university sector in the world. And we have our challenges, because that sector has changed dramatically because of change in access, changes in the economy and culture.