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Apply to be an Academic Peer Advisor!

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From Veronica Birdsall ’15:

Are you gifted at prereg, a wiz at time management, and/or rife with organizational skills you want to share with the world?? Do you want move in early next semester and make mad bill$ on a flexible schedule?

Apply to be a Peer Advisor! You will have the opportunity to be an academic resource to other students while honing your own skills!

Rising juniors and seniors can apply to be full-year Academic Peer Advisors, and anyone can apply to be a Peer Advisor during New Student Orientation!

Both applications can be found HERE.

The application deadline is April 6th at 5pm. Email Dean Laura Patey at lpatey[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with any questions!

Application Deadline: Monday, April 6 by 5 PM

The Career Center Wants to Employ You

Rachel Berman from the Career Center has a job for you:

Matt Donahue ‘14 (aka mister career center) is graduating and so are current Peer Career Advisors Esthefany Castillo ’14, Hazal Muhtar ’14Kah Wei Yoong ’14, Benjamin Carus ’14 and Ilir Necaj ’14. That’s a lot of graduating Peer Career Advisors and a LOT of room for you to join the Career Center staff. Not only is the PCA position a paid leadership opportunity where you get to advise your peers on the art of resume and cover letter writing, interact with cool Wes Alums and learn about job & internship opportunities as they come in to the center, but you get to work with (arguably) one of the best staffs on campus under the supervision of Rachel Berman (who is pretty much the best boss you could ask for).

Application deadline is SUNDAY, April 13, 2014 at 11:59pm on MyCC (see link) and ALL CLASS YEARS are welcome to apply. Questions? Email rMberman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

A little more information:

Apply to be a Peer Advisor


Veronica Birdsall ’15 writes in with the following job opportunity:

The Deans’ Office is looking for talented and motivated students to become Student Academic Resources (SAR) Peer Advisors for the 2014-2015 academic year. SAR Peer Advisors are sophomores, juniors and seniors who work during New Student Orientation (NSO) and throughout the academic year to support Wesleyan’s faculty advising program and enhance student access to academic resources through SAR. Peer Advisors will receive training, give individualized peer advice and facilitate workshops for groups of students regarding time management, public speaking, study and exam preparation strategies.

Click here for a more detailed job description and the application.

Application due: April 4th at midnight

Apply to be a Peer Advisor

From gentleman, scholar, and hallmate Adam Rashkoff ’13, who is strangely definitely not pictured in the image he sent in:

Are you passionate about planners? Nutty for note-taking? Do study strategies psych you up? (Sorry, I’ll stop.)

For real now, do you enjoy helping your peers succeed academically? Then consider applying to be a Peer Advisor!

Among other things, Peer Advisors
• Help new students plan their academic schedules and work with their advisors during Orientation week
• Act as a resource during course registration
• Participate in First Year Matters programming
• Direct students to Wesleyan’s full range of academic resources

Applications for both full year Peer Advisors and New Student Orientation Peer Advisors are currently being accepted from now through April 5. Questions? Email Dean Scott Backer (sbacker01@wes) or check out the Peer Advisor website.

Deadline: April 5, 2013
Contact: Scott Backer, sbacker01@wes

The Most Important Workshops of Your Life


From the Peer Advisors:

The SARN Peer Advisors are holding some pretty darn awesome study skills workshops this weekend, and we want to formally invite all you first-year students to come attend! We will be addressing the following topics: exam preparation, exam taking, public speaking, note-taking, time management, and reading retention.

These workshops go beyond your usual “you should take notes in class” lecture; we’ve put a lot of research and time into these workshops and we have edited them heavily to ensure that everything we tell you is relevant to a Wesleyan student’s academic experience. Think of it as an “insider look” at how to get the most out of your classes at Wesleyan. To find out where and when these workshops are going down, check out the Peer Advisor Blog.

  • Date: September 18 – September 20
  • Time: 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Place: Varies; see the blog.
  • Cost: Free