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Stethoscope Reading-in-Progress

Thesis? Pfft. Five students are writing books. Piers Gelly ’13 has more:

Come to Espwesso this Friday to hear new work from Stethoscope’s five writers, all of whom will wow you! These people are writing entire books over the course of this academic year, and they are off to a hot, hot start. In alphabetical order:

NATE DOLTON-THORNTON ’15 will read from his beguiling philosophical novella, which is set in California.
JOSH KRUGMAN ’14 will read us some poems, possibly from a unique liquid podium.
RACHEL PINCUS ’13 will read from her short fiction about Cold War-era intrigue.
KATE WEINER ’15 will read some short fiction on the deceptively simple theme of home.
AMY ZHANG ’15will read some nonfiction about China, America, and family situations in which the twain have met.

Refreshments will be severed!

Date: Friday, December 7
Time: 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Place: Espwesso

Ampersand Seeks Social Media Intern

Fluent in French, Spanish, and North American Friendster? Have more friends than Tom on MySpace? The Ampersand is seeking one ambitious social media intern to help manage its online accounts, including its website. More from Piers “Piers” Gelly ’13:

Do you know your way around social media? Are you of the humorous persuasion?

The Ampersand is currently looking for an enterprising individual who will take the reins of the hotheaded stallion that is our online presence. This is a position that will allow you to rapidly climb the editorial ranks of the Ampersand: past social media interns of the Ampersand include both campus personality Daniel Nass ’13 and Piers Gelly ’13, editor emeritus, gentleman, and scholar.

This internship is currently unpaid, but you will become a member of the Ampersand family, a privilege that no amount of any valid currency can buy.

Stethoscope Press Seeks Writers

Piers Gelly ’13 (who’s teaching a great student forum on potion-making, btw!!!) sends in an ingenious method of getting your thesis published:

We are Wesleyan’s only student-run press. We publish books by individual student writers, who work one-on-one with our editors all year. We will help take you from idea to creative work to layout to published book. If selected, you will meet fortnightly with your editor to work on your project. The final book will be thirty to fifty pages, beautifully designed, and adorned with a handsome letterpress cover. To submit, please send the following to stethoscopepress(at)gmail(dot)com:

  • A project proposal of one or two paragraphs explaining your idea for your book as well as your interest in publishing a long-format work. Any and all genres accepted.
  • A sample of your previous work. This should be about five pages and in the genre in which you plan to write your book.
  •  Our submission deadline is Sunday, September 30th, so do not delay!

Last year’s books went like hotcakes, but in case you haven’t yet seen one and are curious, there are still some fat stacks at the College of Letters and in the writing lounge.

Deadline: September 30
Contact: stethoscopepress(at)gmail(dot)com

Prefrosh Blind Dating (&!&!&!&!)

Local Alan Rickman understudy Piers Gelly ’13 sends word about a titillating event happening in Espwesso the Usdan Multiporpoise Room tomorrow for the benefit of you and your love-hungry prefrosh, courtesy of the Wesleyan Ampersand and the WSA:

Picture this. You’ve signed up to host a prefrosh, which seemed like a great idea at the time, but there’s only so many times you can say “All the people here are really into whatever they’re doing, you know?” It’s Saturday afternoon. Your prefrosh is done pretending to be too cool for the mid-day activities, and there are still a few hours until the real shit starts at 8. Fortunately, the Wesleyan Ampersand is hosting prefrosh blind dating!

Your prefrosh can meet other prefrosh in an intimate setting, complete with food and friendly Ampersand staff! This is great because they can really talk to each other, instead of just rattling off the whole Whereareyoufromiswesleyanyourfirstchoicewhereelseareyoulookingdoyouknowwhatyouwanttomajorin thing. BRING YOUR PREFROSH TO AMPERSAND AND WSA PREFROSH BLIND DATING AT TIME IN PLACE.

Date: Tomorrow, April 14
Time: 5:45 – 7:30 pm
Place: Usdan Multiporpoise Room
Cost: ain’t no cost for love, brah


From Eli Meixler ’13:

The Wesleyan Ampersand, the humor component of the Wesleyan Argus, is recruiting new writers, digital designers, filmmakers, Photoshop experts, knock-knock joke correspondents, and generally good-humored individuals. Want to size up members of the New England Small College Athletic Conference? Enjoy deconstructing the creative lineage of Post-Linus critical theory? Care to write the dirtiest jokes this side of 1996 while eating cheese with Matt Timons ’15? Still can’t tell the difference between Michael Roth and Michael Sloth?  Want to expose Michael Roth’s nipples and liven up your sex life? Is your name Rebecca? Want to make funny videos like this one?

The Ampersand is dying to meet you and your mother. Come to our recruitment meeting tomorrow, January 29, at 3:00 PM in the basement of Allbritton (right next to Espwesso). Email new editors Amy Block ’13 (ablock@wes) or Keelin Ryan ’14 (kryan@wes) if you can’t make it! Freshmen especially welcome.

And never forget the Four Humors: black bile (melankholia), yellow bile (cholera), phlegm (phlegma), and blood (sanguis).

“A Literary Extravaganza at the COL Lounge”

A. C. Wilkinson ’13, not to be confused with A. Wilkinson or Alix Wilkinson or, god forbid, Al Wilkinson, writes in about a veritable literary extravaganza happening this (Friday) afternoon in the COL Lounge: a public reading by the students of COL213, “The Suspense Story.” There Will Be Food (supposedly of the flat, disc-shaped variety), and there will be a spirited audience, because these COL(d) Warriors aren’t about to read eerie suspense fiction to a dreary, desolate room, devoid of humanity:

Come listen to your peers read their latest works of fiction! There will be spellbinding Hithcockian plots, incredible plot twists, and intense mood writing about anything you could possibly imagine: dog coffins, devilish song birds, fatal lotteries, reclusive astronomers in the Siberian wilderness, and much more. And there’s free pizza too!

If the poster’s any hint, it’s going to be a straight-up Snapetastical time, too.
Date: Friday, December 2
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: COL Lounge (in Butt C)
Pizza: Freeza