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Energy Competition Ranking as of 4/12

Picking up where we left of last week, Nics 5-6 continue to dominate over the other dorms (namely: Fauver) in the April Energy Fest competition. “The Big Bing” Wu ’13 offers up a few tips with the usual rankings that may shake up the results when the whole thing ends later this week:

It looks like Nics 5, 5.5 & 6 are consistently leading the competition. Other dorms, step up the game!

1. Nics 5, 5.5 & 6
2. Butt A
3. Butt B
4. Nics 7
5. Butt C
6. Clark
7. WestCo 3 & 4
8. Hewitt
9. Lo Rise & Hi Rise
10. WestCo 1 & 2
11. Senior Fauver
12. Freshman Fauver

6 Tips for competitive energy conservation.

1. Turn your heaters off. Put storm windows down if you have the heat on.
2. Turn communal fridges to the lowest setting.
3. Unplug mini-fridges and use the communal fridge.
4. Turn computers off and unplug them when you are not using them.
5. Save energy while you study by working outside your dorm. Use printers in the libraries instead of in your dorm.
6. Take the stairs

Only three days to go until the end of competition!! The winner will be disclosed on Friday April 15th. Winning dorm wins an ice cream party with Michael Roth and cute travel coffee mugs. Check the sustainability intern’s blog (http://wesustainability.blogspot.com/) for daily results!