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Mid-Semester Procrastination Destination; Betty’s Instructional Dance Video

We got a few tips in our tipbox about this, and also an e-mail from junior “Betty” who composed this song and video. Ze would like to remain anonymous for now, and is using this mesmerizing/weird video to promote hir upcoming EP. Here’s the shout out, Betty! Maybe this will become the new ironic dance move at our school.

Also, I am taking this opportunity to post some more links; it’s a mid-semester Procrastination Destination! I’m not the biggest proponent of Internet procrastination, but since you’re doing it anyway, here are some links:

Calming Manatee – pictures of manatees and supportive phrases
The Artist is Here – a video game version of a Marina Abramovic piece
Let’s Play Ancient Greek Punishment –  for masochists and/or people who liked the Odyssey
Bad kid jokes – What is the secret ingrediant of a toilot?
Garfield Minus Garfield – surreal and hilarious
AOLer Translator – This program turns “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” into “THEIR R MORE THNGS IN HAAEVN AND AARTH HORATIO THAN R DREMT OF IN UR PHILOSOPHY11!!! WTF” w00t.