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South Indian Music Student Recital

From Randi Plake:

Students of Adjunct Assistant Professors of Music B. Balasubrahmaniyan and David Nelson perform music from the Karnatak tradition of South India. Performances will feature vocal and instrumental music, percussion, and solkattu (spoken rhythm).

Date: Wednesday, May 3
Time: 7pm
Place: World Music Hall

Blood, Muscle, Bone: A Performative Teach-In


This courtesy of Sara Feldman ’17, Alma Sanchez-Eppler ’14, and Trinithas Boyi ’16:

Come to a performative teach-in by the members of the class, “Blood, Muscle, Bone: The Anatomy of Wealth and Poverty” this Monday evening!  Through visual presentations, movement, spoken word, and songs, the students will invite the audience to explore poverty and wealth and their surrounding issues.  The program will run from 7pm to 11pm.  The doors will open every thirty minutes, so come when you can and stay as long as you can.

Please come join us in this exploration of interdisciplinary learning!  This program will make you think.

Date: Monday, November 11, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free!

Gallim Dance: Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 at the CFA Theater

Are you on campus for the summer? If so, you should go check out Gallim Dance this Thursday and/or Friday. These guys are one of my favorite dance companies ever since I saw them a few years ago at a DanceMasters showcase at the CFA. Though they tried to return to campus to perform in February, the campus was unfortunately buried by Storm Nemo and both of their performances were cancelled. If you’re around campus though, you should check this show out! Show details, and a blurb by the CFA, past the jump.

The Rooks Drops New Songs; Remains Indomitably Sexy

Alright, folks – listen up. Garth “Slutty Babies” Taylor ’12 just sent a delightful piece of news over to us here at the Wesleying offices. Lemme break it down for you point-by-point:

  • They have just released three new singles (Nothing Wrong, Sleepwalkin‘, and Hold On). You can find them on their Bandcamp Website, and you can taste them from the players after the jump. According to Garth, “The tracks were recorded by best bud and alum, Jared Paul ’11, during February.”
  • Also, they made a music video for Nothing Wrong. Directed by fluffy bunny Zach Valenti ’12, and stars a bunch of knick-nacks, and a fish named, “Wayne Proudfins.”
  • One more thing. Garth writes: “We’ve got a lot of great new original material that we’ll be debuting for this performance. For instance, be performing a full band version of Prince’s ‘How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore.'” The cover can also be found after the jump.
  • He wraps up: “I think that’s all. Let me know if you need any more info (provided that I just shat a bunch of things on you).”

Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN: discussion and performances

The next event in the CFA’s Breaking Ground Dance Series is almost upon us: Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN goes up this Friday and Saturday at 8 pm in the CFA Theater. In short, the piece is an investigation into religious/spiritual ecstasy using dance, music, lighting and research into religious practices as a means of exploration…but since I have yet to see the work, I’ll stop trying to explain it and leave that to people who have some firsthand experience. Lydia Bell ’07, who saw the performance in New York, is quoted in the most recent entry on the CFA blog,

“I felt like the piece was asking, if we don’t believe in X, what do we believe in? There is a sort of activism in this question that I like–re-framing things in the positive and of course, I felt like Morgan’s answer to this question was clear–everyone can take solace in art-making and being part of a community, which have always been core parts of any religious or spiritual practice.”

Another theme is gender identity. As Thorson says in an interview for the Walker Art Center (who co-commissioned the piece),

I purposely wanted to blend groups of variously gendered people—not to just convey the power of drag (creating your gender the way you want to), but to approach an all new manifestation of gender identity, a roving, third gender. We modeled this idea after angelic shape-shifters, which often play an important role in biblical lore.

Along those lines, the CFA is hosting a dinner conversation with Thorson Wednesday evening at 7 pm in the Daniel Family Commons. The discussion will be facilitated by Claire Potter, Professor of History and American Studies, and will focus specifically on queer and transgender themes in the work.

To summarize what’s going on:

Morgan Thorson’s HEAVEN
Pre-performance talk by Debra Cash on Friday, post-show conversations with the choreographer follow both performances. On Friday night, Nicole Stanton, chair of the Dance Department and Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Assistant Professor of Religion and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, will join the conversation and share their perspectives.
Date: Friday, 1/29 and Saturday, 1/30
Time: 8 pm (pre-performance talk at 7:15 in the CFA Hall on Friday)
Location: CFA Theater
Tickets: $8 for Wesleyan students, $18 Seniors/Wesleyan Faculty & Staff/Non-Wesleyan Students, and $21 general admission.

Dinner discussion of Queer and Transgender themes in HEAVEN
Wednesday, 1/27
Time: 7 pm
Location: Usdan, Daniel Family Commons

Become green with ENVY at ISIS party

Anima Acheampong ’11 writes:

Come get green with ENVY and party with ISIS. Get there early and don’t miss the amazing performances!

The party will be hosted by ISIS and will feature performances at midnight and 12:45 AM, as well as music by DJ Notty.

Date: Friday, Oct. 17
Time: 10:00 PM – 1:30 AM
Place: WestCo Café
Cost: $1 before 11:30 PM, $2 after

Second Stage’s Outreach Weekend!

Outreach Weekend is a new initative by Second Stage designed to bring a greater range of student grops into the ’92!

Friday, October 3
8PM: Mark David Chapman: Live in Concert
The Wesleyan premiere of a new play by Benjamin Firke ’12
9:30PM: Don’t Treat Me So Rough
An evening of musical theater coordinated by Samantha Pearlman ’11 and Ross Shenker ’11

Saturday, October 4
8PM: Dance Showcase
9PM: Punchline Standup Comedy
Featuring Mallory Cruz ’11, Robby Hardesty ’11, Damien Lally ’10, Elisa Shapiro ’11 and Chris Sutliff ’11

To see the full Second Stage season, contact staff, or put on a show, visit www.2ndstage.org Or visit our Facebook Page

Again, all these events are FREE and UNTICKETED!! Just show up!

A Capella- Go.

What: The New Group’s first concert of the semester
Where: Nic Lounge
When: Saturday, from 7-7:45
“Providing the Wesleyan campus with sexy since 1988.”