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The PETA Debate: Is Eating Meat Ethical?

From Dylan Turmeque ’13:

Have you ever sneered at the vegan section of Usdan as you waited in line for your Philly cheese steak? Have you ever felt an overwhelming sense of guilt when you realized you enjoyed your breakfast sandwich a little too much?

Whatever the reason, The Woodrow Wilson Debate Society invites you to come by and devour the verbal feast that will occur when we takes on Bruce Friedrich of PETA on whether eating meat is ethical.

Be prepared to leave filled with information that may make you reconsider your eating habits, or affirm them!

See you there!

Date:   April 16
Time:   1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Place:  200 Church

Bon Appetit Offers PETA2 Voting Incentives

All I know about this PETA2 vegetarian contest thing is that Wesleyan is somehow winning in its group (we just beat SUNY Fredonia), and I would assume that people other than Bon Appetit higher-ups are voting for us.

Bon Appetit employee Bernice Laille says:

“It’s a victory in itself to have made it this far in the contest, but now the competition is really kicking into high gear! We’re facing off against Ohio University, who has really rallied the student body through on-campus email promotions. We must definitely want to pull out all of the stops to help drive in as many votes from everyone as soon as possible before the third round ends!”

And in case you hadn’t already noticed from a trip to Usdan this week, Bon Appetit really wants us to win:So if you’d like to continue this victory streak and prove our veg-friendly prowess against Ohio University, or want an an apparent chance to win a $100 Best Buy gift certificate, vote here, the third round ends Wednesday at 5.