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Tipbox: Donations in Memory of Claire Randall ’12 and Petunia’s new EP

Claire Randall Love is accepting donations in memory of Claire Randall ’12 to her memorial service and provides information about how to donate to organizations that support causes she believed in.

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This is a sort of two-part tipbox post. First, John Ryan ’14 of Petunia sent us this email a couple days ago:

My name is John Ryan (2014 graduate), I live in Philadelphia and my newest EP as Petunia has just come out: https://petunia.bandcamp.com/album/funny-talk

I’m donating all the digital sales of the EP to https://www.clairerandalllove.com/ and Everytown for Gun Safety. Just wanted to make wesleyan people aware in case they want to listen and/or donate.
Claire Randall ’12, an incredibly talented musician and music educator, was killed in a horrific act of gun violence this past December. Her family has set up Claire Randall Love to accept donations to the family for her upcoming memorial service this spring. You can donate here. On the website, there are also links to donate in her memory to three organizations she believed in: Sanctuary for Families, Camp Surefire, and Resonant Motion. More information here.
For those of you who want to listen, this is the new EP by Petunia:
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