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Rage, Hope & Forgiveness Lecture

rage_hope_forgiveness_poster_revThis Tuesday, come to a timely talk hosted by the philosophy department. The Second Annual Social Justice Lecture will feature Myisha Cherry of Harvard University and Alice MacLachlan of York University in Toronto, as well as Wesleyan’s own Axelle Karera, discussing rage, hope, and–perhaps–forgiveness.

The talk will be followed by a reception and continued discussion in the seminar room of Russell House (350 High St).

Date: Tuesday, November 15
Time: 4:30pm
Place: PAC 001

Philosophy Social Justice Open House Luncheon

phil sj trackInterested in the philosophy major?

Come and learn about Philosophy as a major and about our new Social Justice track. The social justice track recognizes that philosophers since antiquity have not only asked questions about what social institutions are needed to achieve justice, but have also worked as social reformers to promote social justice.  Philosophical methods of conceptual and contextual analyses and careful argumentation provide important tools for grappling with real world injustices.  The social justice track allows students to develop their philosophical skills to address questions of human rights, equality, and social responsibility. More info available here.

Date: Tuesday, February 23
Time: 12 noon
Place: Russell House

Philosophy Department Open House & New Social Justice Track

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.11.45 AM

From Colleen Pedlow ’17:

Are you passionate about social justice issues? Are you interested in exploring how individuals and social institutions can promote justice? If so, come to Russell House at noon this Thursday to learn more about the Philosophy department’s exciting new social justice track! Thai food will be provided.

The social justice track seeks to recognize the importance of philosophy in addressing questions of human rights, equality, and social responsibility. Philosophical analyses paired with careful argumentation provide important tools for grappling with real world injustices. Students who choose the social justice track will have the opportunity to build their own social justice concentration within the philosophy major composed of 5 courses centered on a topic of their choice.

All students who are interested in, or curious about, pursuing a major/minor in philosophy are welcome to the department’s open house this Thursday. Come to ask questions, meet students and faculty and enjoy a delicious meal!

Date: Thursday, November 5
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM
Place: Russel House

The Cave Extends Its Submission Deadline

plato-caveA message directed at any and all inquiring minds from Henny Jeong ’16:

Who are you? Who am I? What are these chains? What are those shadows of? Is that fire behind us?

The Cave is extending its submission deadline to Monday, April 27. Send us your essays, stories, school papers, poems, theses chunks, playlists, comics, diagrams, reviews, collages, photos, drawings, etc. that wonder, wander, puzzle, and enlighten.

All submissions and inquiries to philosowes[at]gmail[dot]com

Date: Now until April 27th

Submit to The Cave!

Wesleyan has a new philosophical publication, The Cave, and we want you to join us in it! In the words of Henny Jeong ’16:

Wesleyan’s new philosophical publication is calling for submissions from students of all disciplines.
Send us your essays, stories, poems, theses chunks, playlists, comics, diagrams, reviews, collages, photos, drawings, etc. that wonder, wander, puzzle, and enlighten.
It doesn’t need to be about philosophy to be philosophy. 

All submissions and inquiries to philosowes[at]gmail[dot]com

Accepting submissions from now until April 20!

College of Letters Open House


From Christina Norris ’14:

Interested in philosophy? History? Literature? Foreign language? Studying abroad? Creative writing? Formal writing? Classics? Modern theory?

Can’t decide?

Hey freshmen, come check out College of Letters.

Date: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: COL library (41 Wyllys, 3rd floor)
Cost: freeeee

Judith Butler has Great Hair, Lively Hands in New Promotional Video

How much Judith Butler is just enough? Have you read her in class? Did you follow her involvement in the BDS debacle at Brooklyn College? Did you freak out when you heard she was speaking at Memorial Chapel? Do you think she critically analyzed Zionism to satisfactory depth that Wednesday? (If not, don’t worry; the talk was adapted from parts of her new book.) I know you read the 8-part countdown and wrap-up series that Kelsey Henry ’15 wrote for the Pyxis blog, so I won’t even ask about that.

Anyway, if you’ve even read this far without clicking play on the YouTube embed above, you may or may not be surprised to know that Wesleyan recently released a 15-minute interview with Butler (who was a visiting professor here from 1984 to 1986, if Wikipedia is to be believed) for your viewing pleasure, from her visit back in February. Interestingly, top-level administrators decided to give the honor of interviewing the widely read philosopher to Michael S. Roth ’78, a visiting professor in the Art History department, over someone more established at Wesleyan. Life’s like a box of chocolates, yo.

The conversation spans a range of topics; Butler speaks on her own introduction to philosophy (she received a “punished” by engaging in a tutorial on philosophy with her Rabbi), writing feminist theory (her friends encouraged her to do it), her reaction to 9/11, Gender Troublethe importance of memorialization, a book recommendation (of course), and much more. Spoiler alert: she did not have much to say about being tweeted about or being surrounded by humanities majors. Once you’ve devoured the interview, you might want to check out what was my first substantial introduction to Butler’s thought, a lecture she presented at a conference called The Anarchist Turn.  Just stop reading this and go engage with JuBu; she’s good at words and I’m not. Seriously, stop reading. I’m getting nervous.

Race: How it Matters in Reproductive Technologies


Hilda Vargas ’15 and the Philosophy Department have an opportunity for you to get your weekly dose of dialogue (with a visiting lecturer, no less).

Hi everyone!

The Philosophy Department is hosting a lecture tomorrow (Thursday, January 31st) entitled, “Race: How it Matters in Reproductive Technologies.” It will be at 4:15 in Russell House (350 High Street) and the lecturer is Camisha Russell from Penn State University. Come check it out if you can!The Philosophy Department is hosting a lecture tomorrow (Thursday, January 31st) entitled, “Race: How it Matters in Reproductive Technologies.” It will be at 4:15 in Russell House (350 High Street) and the lecturer is Camisha Russell from Penn State University. Come check it out if you can!

Date: Thursday, January 31
Time: 4:15-5:15
Place: Russell House (350 High Street)

NUAGE: Your chance to be, like, a big deal or something

Been doing a little bit of thinkin’ this summer? Need to share it with the world? Not friends with anyone who runs The New Inquiry? You should probably befriend Annie Choi ’14:

This is a call to those at home that have some free time this summer to contribute to an emerging philosophy magazine—NUAGE.

This is a new philosophically informed magazine/blog meant to showcase and produce pieces that are thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating while still being entertaining (no small feat, but c’mon Wes, pull it off).  Art, music, pop culture, your own life—all are open topics and welcome for submission.  Think à la David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster.  Explore what interests you, and if you delve deeper than the superficial, that’s perfect!

If you have any free time to jot a few lines about a painting or find yourself interested in a social analysis of a TV show you’ve been watching non-stop this summer, please contribute!  The submissions have no length requirement.  If you find yourself mulling over a topic in your head, write it down and send it to nuagemagazine[a]gmail[d]com.   Spread the word to your friends—this is by no means a Wesleyan exclusive publication.