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Photos: Leaves of Green Come to Earth House

Photo by Rachel Pincus '13.

Leaves of Green, photographed by Rachel Pincus ’13.

This happened last night at Earth House. The living room was as packed as it has ever been, and squished bodies erupted into moshing ones several times throughout the night, while people spilled out into the other two adjoining rooms, making for a full house throughout all three acts.

Blackbird & the Cherry Tree began the night with their bluesy soul-rolling tunes. Recently graduated songstress Mel Hsu ’13 cradled us with her cello, Jess Best ’14 with her keyboard and powerful voice, Sam Friedman ’13 on harmonica, and Mark Bennett ’13 on drums. The music contained elements of Hsu’s own collaborative work with Josh Smith ’11, with added soul elements.

They were followed by O Presidente, a San Francisco-by-way-of-Wesleyan based band, including Tobias Butler ’13Andrew Zingg ’13, and Charlie Ellis ’13, who recently came out with their debut album, Club de Futebol. After WESU ranked them No. 2 in their top 30, CMJ “discovered” them, too. Audience members coined their sound “surf punk”, “a little bit of Clash”, or as someone else put it, just “fun-awesome.”

Spotted: Ninja Attack in Usdan

Photo by Leyna Donaldson '15.

Photo by Leyna Donaldson ’15.

From Leyna Donaldson ’15 comes this Pulitzer-winning photo of what appears to be the early stages of a ninja attack brewing in Usdan this afternoon. Curiously, the unnamed perpetrators were decked out in red-white-and-blue full-body attire. Still no all-campus update from Public Safety.

As Donaldson tells it, “The girls in the photo were dressed up and danced as part of a flash mob yesterday to support 1 Billion Rising. Dances and flash mobs happened all over the country yesterday to support women and the 1 Billion Rising movement.”

Want to caption the photo? Send your caption ideas to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org, with “Ninja Wes” in the subject line. We’ll award a prize for the best caption we receive, and your name will appear in next week’s New Yorker. No, but seriously, there’ll be a prize. 

Spotted: Four Windows Filled with Paper-Writing Notes in Olin

I’m not sure if preserving paper by writing all of your notes on erasable windows is an official part of the pledge to be sustainable over break, but it smells like practical idealism to me. Straight from the Wesleyan University Facebook page comes this image of a window in the Olin stacks totally filled with notes for a paper in December. According to the caption:

In December, a student wrote notes for a paper, in marker, here in Olin Library’s stacks. A message reading “Do Not Erase” accompanies the four-windows-worth of notes.

While it hasn’t gone viral à la Sam Lyons ’12, the image has drummed up a respectable count of Facebook likes, as well as a hilarious array of comments, including this unrelated query from a Wesleyan fan in Mexico:

Naturally, an ’85 Wes alum joined in the thread with cries of vandalism: 

BREAKING: Car Parked the Wrong Way on Home Ave For Freakin’ Ever

Anonymous Person ’12 sends in this handy graphic to illustrate the situation at the scene of the crime. In brief: CAR. PARKED BACKWARDS. MANY DAYS. HEAVY PARKING FINES. AP ’12 adds:

car parked on home avenue the wrong way: just writing in about a car that has been parked the wrong way on home avenue for the last week or so and is accumulating heavy fines. not sure if this is a wesleyan car even, but just thought i would try and send this in. Massachusetts license plate, first three numbers 828.

Fun fact: there is a Wikipedia page on “Parking,” but the neutrality of its “Economics of Parking” subsection is disputed. I can’t really imagine a better way to procrastinate than by editing it. But really, what is up with this vehicle?