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Wesleyan’s Tree Removal Blog: A Place of Remembrance

When one thinks of Wesleyan’s official blogs not much comes to mind.  Mainly there’s Roth’s blog, where he’ll bestow upon us some morsels of wisdom whenever something important happens on Campus or in the greater world.

There is one blog however that surpasses even Roth on Wesleyan, it’s a place where we’re reminded of the ethereal nature of life itself.  One where we are confronted with the passing of old friends, but also the renewal of life from their soil.

Physical Plant Flushes Bidet Dreams Down The Toilet

Talk about an unusual request. On November 8, Senior and Program Housing Area Coordinator Alexia Thompson sent out this email to seniors in woodframe houses:

Hello Residents,

Please see message below from physical plant.

Physical Plant has noticed that bidets have been installed in some of the woodframe bathrooms.  This is extremely problematic, as they can lead to plumbing problems, and possibly flooding and damage to your belongings.  If there is a reason you need a bidet, please submit your request to the office of accessibility services, and if approved, Physical Plant will professionally install one for you.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Naturally, that got us here at Wesleying asking the important journalistic questions, such as Who installed the bidet? and How “extreme” is “extremely problematic”?? So we went looking for answers.

Interest Meeting: Home Maintenance 101 with Physical Plant

lol cartoon flood womanDon’t know how to fix that shitty thing in your place of residence? Clara Pinsky ’16 has the answer:

Time to face it: real life is coming for you. Will you know what to do when your faucet starts leaking or your heaters stop working? Will you know how to patch a hole in the wall or find out why your lights won’t turn on?

Want to be prepared? Take a 6-week (.25 CREDIT) workshop with Physical Plant this spring to learn these practical life skills from the experts themselves.

Come to an interest meeting THIS WEEK:
Wed. 3/2 @ 4:15pm OR 7pm in Usdan 110
Thurs. 3/3 @ 4:15pm in Exley 137

The workshop will meet weekly for six weeks (3/21-4/29). Questions? Email cpinsky[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.


More All-Gender Bathrooms to be in Effect by the Fall

2014-05-24 17.48.11

By the fall, Wesleyan will have a mix of new all-gender single-use and gendered multi-use bathrooms. After the trans* activism in the fall, when gendered bathroom signs were taken off most campus bathrooms, new all-gender bathroom signs popped up in many campus buildings (Exley, Usdan, North College, 41 Wyllys are the ones I noticed firsthand). By the end of this summer, “a new all-gender bathroom will be created on the ground floor of Olin, next to the existing men’s and women’s rooms,” according to University Librarian Pat Tully. “It is being created out of an existing custodial closet, which will be moved just down the hall.”

Physical Plant has gradually installed new bathroom signs across campus, and they committed to complete the installation before the end of the summer. Vice President for Student Affairs Dean Mike Whaley pledged to publish a list of the all-gender bathrooms online once the installations are done. According to him, “We actually have quite a lot of single-use all gender restrooms across campus, but awareness about where they are located needs to be better.”

On a related note, the fines paid by the trans* activists for taking down the original signs only represented a “tiny fraction of the total cost” of the new all-gender signs, according to Dean Whaley. And instead of paying fees, some of the activists worked to install the new signs. The gendered multi-use bathrooms will also have new signs that indicate where the location of the nearest all-gender bathroom is.

Below is the full memo by Dean Whaley and the WSA (originally drafted 11/20/13) outlining plans for de-gendering bathrooms and posting new all-gender signs. These plans should be completed by the end of the summer: 

Hewitt Students Fix Water Fountain… With Gardening Hose

For those who live on the third floor of Hewitt 8, a water fountain is not something to be taken for granted. For over a year, the residents’ water fountain has been out of commission, with no plan in sight as to when it will be fixed. Despite numerous attempts and a phone campaign led by Sivan Battat ’15 earlier this year, no progress has been made.

Enter Hewitt 8 Plumbing Co. ’15, an unofficial duo who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We had a Swiss army knife and a hammer, and figured the issue was worth a little bit of exploration, states one of the sophomores. “So we unscrewed a few things, took in some asbestos, and figured out if you turn a few nozzles and poke at the right angles, you can stabilize the [water] motor which is definitely important I imagine.”

The real problem, however, was a matter of connecting the filter, the motor, and a funny little thing called the ‘shutoff’ to a non-existent metal fountain (officially known as a bubbler).

Bike Ticket Crackdown: Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights Responds

After last week’s controversial note from Physical Plant, Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights has responded to comments about the new practice of bike ticketing. Basically, it’s a way of surveying certain areas to see whether they are in need of more bike racks, and the racks have already been funded. No word on what the line is between being ticketed and having your bike confiscated:

You may or may not have seen purple bike tickets around campus recently. If you have, you might have wondered, “What if there aren’t enough bike racks?”

When WSDR, Wesleyan Students for Disability Rights, decided to raise awareness about accessibility issues on campus last year, we spoke to physical plant and public safety about our concerns regarding bikes people were chaining to handrails.

There are two issues we are concerned with: people don’t necessarily realize (or maybe care, but we prefer to give the benefit of the doubt!) that they might be restricting the movement of their peers, and we were running out of space.

Sign Petition to Save Wesleyan’s Custodial Workers

Last semester, USLAC (United Student-Labor Action Coalition) made tremendous progress in helping Wesleyan’s custodial workers be contracted under new management—Sun Services LLC. Thanks to immense support from the Wesleyan community, USLAC collected over 700 signatures to make this change possible. But Wesleyan’s custodians need your help again. When they signed their contracts back in May, Sun management assured them that it would retain all 60 of the workers. Now, it is planning to lay off 10 workers by September 1. USLAC needs your signatures (ASAP, as early as next week), for the sake of these 10 workers and to stand in solidarity with Wesleyan’s custodians:

Calling For WesBikes Coordinators

Sophia Park ’14 has got a bike, you can ride it if you like, it’s got a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good:

Are you staying on campus over the summer? Are you interested in coordinating and distributing bikes over this summer?

WesBikes is looking for summer coordinators, as well as train for the position in the coming fall semester. This will be a great opportunity to learn how to work with the WSA, Physical Plant, Student Account, and P-Safe officers.

If interested, please email Sophia at ypark(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by Sunday, May 6th with the following information:

  • Name
  • Class Year
  • Relevant management and leadership experiences

Due: May 6
Contact: ypark@wes

Squash Courts Livestream, Yeah!

Creeeeeeeeeeeepy! But it's alright, right?Are you excited for the new squash court building renovation? (does the building have a name yet? geez!)  The Career Center, one of the future tenants of the building, sure is.  Today’s Facebook update at 2:16PM:

moving, moving, moving was the talk of our staff meeting this morning…getting excited for our new space!!

That’s not all though, there’s a link…to a livestream video feed of the building that appears to be from a camera on the roof of Usdan.  Check it out if you’re curious and want to see what the construction workers are up to.

Apply to be a Sustainability Intern!

Cella Jones ’12 writes in to tell you about a neat way to impact sustainability at Wesleyan, and get paid for doing it! Take a look, and send your résumé and statement of interest to Bill Nelligan (wnelligan@wesleyan.edu) by Sunday, April 17th. Interviews will then be held by appointment. And just like this picture shows, you’ll have the whole (green) world in your hands. What I’m trying to say is that by being the Sustainability Intern, you’re sort of like Jesus. Maybe that’s an exaggeration..

Interested in a year-round internship focused on sustainable efforts at Wesleyan? Two positions as Sustainability Interns with Physical Plant are opening up this year. If you’re interested in campus sustainability issues, this is really great way to get involved. There has been a lot of progress in environmental practices over the past few years, but Wesleyan still has a long way to go. With this job, there’s a huge potential to enact real change on campus and beyond.

More info about the position after the jump!