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Spring Break Hours: Sustenance & More!

so ~springy~ amirite??? (photo courtesy of Bowen He ’21)

Despite what the layers of ice and snow blanketing the campus may signal, it is indeed spring break! Some of you may be jetting (or ride-begging) off into warmer climes, but for those staying in this wintry wasteland on campus, you’ll need sustenance (even if you’re planning on hibernating through long stretches of break).

Lucky for you, we’ve outlined below what’s going to be open and what’s going to be closed and at what times the open things will be open. Just look for the place you want to eat at and then check the hours.  Hint: if the place is not Weshop it probably won’t be open.  If you feel like you need to see this information in chart form you can do so on the websites of each place here: (Bon AppetitWesWings & Red and BlackLibraries).

Woodframe House Hopping!

funny-house-designPSA from Talia Baurer ’15: 

Over 50 generous wood-frame houses and apartments have offered to open their doors to those who are currently in the midst of planning housing for next year! Here’s how it works:

Between 1pm and 3pm, stop by Pi Cafe and pick up a map of which houses are open to visitors (and what their occupancy is, so you know which ones are actually relevant to your group). We’ll also have a list of all the houses/apartments for different group sizes, so even if a house you’re interested in isn’t technically “open” you can still knock on the door and maybe get a chance to see inside.

Of course, please be respectful of the houses and their residents! Maps and house lists will also be available on the Facebook event this week, so keep an eye out!

Date: Friday, April 3rd
Time: 1:00-3:00 PM
Place: Woodframe Houses

Now There Are More Places to Sit in Exley


New furniture!

The new furniture in the Exley Lobby, as promised to us in an email in December, is finally here. There’s currently a construction crew setting up tables by Pi and the Fish Bowl is totally empty because it’s about to get a furniture upgrade. Included in this renovation are ~*more outlets*~ as part of the seating areas, which are scattered around the whole lobby now. Exley’s about to get a lot more social.

Here’s a description of the space from an email by Brandi Hood, Senior Project Coordinator of Construction Services (and more pics after the jump):

As you may have heard, we are working on an exciting new project to upgrade the space in the Exley Science Center lobby to be more accommodating to socializing and group study. The project will include a brighter paint scheme and new carpeting to provide a safer entrance into the building from the elements and to help with settling down the acoustics in the space.  New furniture will include soft seating with power to charge your electronic devices, study tables by Exley 150 and café tables outside of Pi.  Standing kiosks with acoustic fabric and charging plugs will be installed in the structural stone nooks along the classroom walls.  New power and USB outlets will be strategically placed throughout to accommodate our ever growing electronic environment.  Last, but certainly not least, one of our alum will be providing a magnificent art display to provide visual interest and liven up the lobby!

The New Pi Cafe Logo Sort of Looks Like a Uterus

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 10.47.54 PM

False icon courtesy of Maya McDonnell ’16.

The black sheep of Exley Science Center has a new t-shirt logo, and its vaguely uterine appearance has once and for all marked Pi Cafe as the depraved den of iniquity we all suspected it was. While the abstract illustration supports multiple interpretations, only a fool could miss the undeniably sapphic message conveyed by its devious design. “Purity?” “Flavor??” Surely these presumptuous claims are the work of Satan, as all women other than the blessed virgin and my mom are born in sin. Which brings us once again to the question plaguing our generation: what are they teaching our kids in these schools? Will the Academy’s liberal mystifications never cease??

Befuddled patrons of the cafe weigh in after the jump. Only time will tell whether Pi’s insidious efforts to convert Middletown’s youth to its misandrist agenda will prove successful.

Unofficial Orientation Series ’14: Eating and Drinking at Wes

*This post is an updated version of the Eating and Drinking installment of last year’s Orientation Series*

https://i1.wp.com/www.wesleyan.edu/dining/gallery/images/dining_header5.jpg?resize=625%2C125Eating and drinking is a necessity for all living beings, even during your hazy college days. While we all have to adjust our food standards from delicious home-cooked meals to university food, trust me, it could be worse. Wesleyan has many options for dining that you can enjoy regardless of your dietary orientation. Wesleyan was chosen the most vegan-friendly small US school by PETA, and our friends at the Mongolian Grill are always willing to cook-up a chicken tortilla topped with cheese if it’s protein that you want.

This is a part of the Unofficial Orientation Series 2014 to remind you to eat your veggies.

House Hopping Day

GRS numbers came out today, and yours probably sucks. Ali Ellerbeck ‘13 encourages you to play Real Estate tomorrow afternoon:

Housing selection is coming up. Juniors interested in woodframes can scout out senior houses this Friday. The community advisors for the woodframes will be in Pi Café handing out lists of houses that have volunteered to show their houses. Seniors, if you live in a woodframe and are willing to participate, please send an email to Ali Ellerbeck ’13 at aellerbeck(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. You don’t have to clean your house. You just have to be around on Friday from 1-3 to open the doors to juniors.

Date: Tomorrow, April 5
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place: Pi Cafe (and a bunch of Woodframes)

In Memory: Pat Colletta, Pi Cashier, Passes Away After Four Decades at Wes

Yesterday I was saddened to learn that Pat Colletta, who worked as a cashier in Pi Cafe, passed away on February 25 after more than 40 years of service at Wesleyan.

“I’m sorry to say the news is true, Pat Colletta is no longer with us,”  wrote food services director Gary Kriksciun in an email to Wesleying. “She started with Wesleyan Dining Services in 1969.  Of course, in that time Pat made many friends on campus. It’s hard to contemplate the tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff she interacted with over the years.”

According to Kriksciun, Pat was most recently a cashier at Pi but held many different job titles during her years at Wes. An obituary notes that she was 76 years old.

Kriksciun also sent the funeral arrangements for Pat, which appear on a sign in Pi. The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at St. Pius Church in Middletown.

“She was an incredibly sweet person and I’m sure I speak for everyone who has worked at Pi over the past few decades that she will be greatly missed,” commented Pi employee Sam Melvin ’13.

Announcement: New Sandwich Prices

From the College of the Environment Think Tank:SANDWICH PRICES ALL THE SAME

Dear Wesleyan Community,

Please note that all the sandwiches (except PB&J) sold at Usdan Café and Pi Café will be the same price for the next two weeks.

Best regards,

The COE Think Tank

Nemo News: Dining Options/Other Facilities Hours [Updated]

Here’s your heads up! You only have a limited time to get storm preserves or a nice hot latte.

Hurry Yo Ass Up!

  • Weshop will be open from 11 AM to 3 PM today.
  • Pi Cafe will close at 2 PM today
  • Usdan will close at 7 PM tonight and reopen tomorrow at 10 AM.
  • Summerfields will be closed for dinner; Usdan will serve dinner 4 – 7 PM; Late night dining at Usdan is closed.
  • Broad Street Books and Red & Black will close at 1:30 PM today, and reopen at noon tomorrow.
  • WesWings is open from 11 AM- 2 PM and 5 PM – 8 PM

Library hours are also truncated:

Let the storm frenzy begin! Run for your life! May the odds be ever in your favor.

More storm info/facilities hours from Dean Mike Whaley:

WesGrub: Eating and Drinking Things on Campus

Our first installment! We at Wesleying are here to tell you all about stuffing your faces at Wesleyan as part of our Unofficial Orientation Series 2012. A tradition begun by the Wesleying legends Holly Wood ’08 and Xue Sun ’08, this post has evolved a bit over the years. I’m trying for brevity, so if these details aren’t enough for your Wes-crazed brains, then check out this post from 2011.

Everything after the jump: