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Romance Language Study Abroad Photo Gallery


From Scarlett Perry ’15 and the Romance Languages and Literatures Department:

Come see photos from students studying abroad in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese speaking countries!

Homecoming/Family weekend, Friday-Sunday, in the Common Room, Romance Languages and Literatures, 300 High Street

11/01/2013, 09:00 AM – 4:30 PM
11/02/2013, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
11/03/2013, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Date: Friday, November 1st – Sunday, November 3rd, 2013
Time: See schedule above
Place: 300 High Street
Cost: Free

One Hour Warning: Peace Out, Weshop

Weshop! Closing! One hour! Hustle!

Weshop, everyone’s favorite on-campus mini Nilla Wafer dealer and good-natured “specialer orderer,” is shutting the fuck down for the semester at midnight tonight. That gives you one hour to hustle over and scavenge the last vestiges of the candy bins, so put down your Judith Butler and don’t delay. Nothing makes me miss living in Clark like 11:55 Weshop sprints.

The only remaining ice cream available is something called Dairy Free “Peanut Butter Zig Zag,” so make of that what you will. Here is the basic state of the union in Weshop. I challenge you to bleed this place dry by closing time tonight.

[nggallery id=145]

Breaking: Luna Moth Found Outside SciLi

Apparently there is a world outside of SciLi, and it’s rich with wildlife sightings. Put down your Orgo textbook and set aside the annotated bibliography: Jessica Titlebaum ’14 has breaking news:

This Luna moth was found outside SciLi this morning! Will most likely rest here until night time when it will seek out a female. What a beautiful sighting.

Here’s another angle of the Luna moth. In semi-related Wesleyan wildlife news, the mysterious Wes Squirrels Facebook has become impressively active this month in the wake of the Great Sam Lyons ’12 Squirrel/Vulture Affair of 2012. Squirrels’ Facebook interests include “finding your acorn,” “eating acorns,” and “tree  climbing.” Here’s a small gallery of recent squirrel sightings, many of which appeared originally on the University’s photo Tumblr. In most photos, the squirrel is not being picked apart by a fucking vulture. (I didn’t take these photos; I’m just scrolling through the squirrel’s tagged photos.)

[nggallery id=144]

PS: If anyone spots the LoRise possum (or hir Exley friend), give hir a hand with hir social media presence. It’s lacking.

PPS: This is probably an appropriate time to remind you to follow @common_squirrel on the Twitbook.

WesBeards: Another Thing To Put “Wes” In Front Of

No-Shave Roundup: “My beard enjoys long walks on cold days, shampoo, and fraternizing with fellow beards.”

“As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a piece of silly affection if I were to begin it now?” So wrote a beardless Abraham Lincoln to Grace Bedell, the 11-year-old admirer who first suggested that he “grow whiskers” before ascending to the presidency. Had Lincoln taken up residency at Wesleyan, it wouldn’t have taken him so freaking long: this campus has got more great beards than Jamaica’s got mangoes. Some of them look like muskrats, some Karl Marx, and many of them are thriving and growing all year long.

No Shave November is a week past. We howled, you submitted: beards, beards, and porno ‘staches out the wazoo. We’ve finished analyzing texture, follicle count, ‘stache, and general beardliness, and we are ready to post. This year’s submissions far surpassed the volume of last year’s. I suspect that has at least something to do with the efforts of one Jake Schofield ’12, who recently hosted the first ever No Shave party and celebrated “an ancient tradition.” Schofield reports: “Everyone won something, but only one manly man won the Best Beard award. It was unanimously decided that the manliest man of them all, Mr. Ofer Levy ’12, should receive this great honor.”

Click past the jump for Wesleying’s finest beard submissions and a full photo gallery.

Body Image Campaign

What do you love about your body? What does your body do for you?


By now you might have seen various posters around campus relating to the issues of bodies and body positivity. FemNet (The Feminist Network) would like you to think about your body and your relationship to it. These posters are meant to raise awareness of common (and uncommon) body issues and explore your understanding of what is lovable about your body and you.

Feel inspired by the posters? Have something to say? Send responses to the following questions to wesbody(at)gmail(dot)com.

What do you love about your body?whitman3

What about your body isn’t normally appreciated by yourself or others?

What does your body do for you?

What can you do for your body?

What does your body do for others?

What does your body mean to you?

What makes your body feel good?

How do you feel in your body?

We would love for everyone to respond to the following questions, or ask questions of your own… You can submit short stories, essays, poems, a few simple thoughts, quotes, song lyrics, artwork, or whatever you feel like. We will be flyering responses all over campus in a few weeks. Please put (CONFIDENTIAL) in the subject line, if you would prefer for your response not to be shared.

M o r e  i m a g e s  a f t e r  t h e  j u m p !