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AEPie an AEPi

From Ward Archibald ’17:

Do you find yourself making AEPi puns? Have you ever wanted to see a frat bro get humiliated with a pie? Do you want to support Prostate cancer research? If you answered yes to any of these come to AEPie an AEPi! If we raise $100 we get to shave George Ryan’s head! Come out and support a great cause! If you have any questions or can’t attend but want to donate, contact George Pollack (George Ryan on FB) at gpollack[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

Date: Tuesday, November 11
Time: 12-3 PM
Place: In Front of Usdan
Cost: $1

From the Argives: In 1975, Colin Campbell Successfully Ducked Two Cream Pies

Leafing through the Argus archives earlier this month for information on past WSA presidents, my comrade A-Batte happened upon this bodaciously amusing nugget from a “University Convocation” in the fall of 1975.

On Thursday, September 4, President Campbell gave a thirty-seven-minute address, during which he called for a reevaluation of the grading system and noted that “diversity and innovation were ‘expensive qualities’ that Wesleyan may no longer be able to afford” (sound familiar?). Apparently Campbell also called for the establishment of a generalization requirement (sup, gen-eds) and a “coordinated multi-disciplinary program for freshmen” (spell check seems to want to make that “mulch-disciplinary”).

According to Argus writer Jane Eisner ’77 (who later became editor of The Forward and returned to Wes as a Koeppel Fellow in Journalism), “two unidentified individuals” had a different idea:

Rho Ep Pie Sale

To benefit Relay for Life, Rho Ep will be selling pies downstairs in Usdan, from 12-2 and 5-7 pm, this Thursday and Friday as well as next Monday and Tuesday. It’ll be $2 a slice or $12 a pie, according to Community Service Chairwoman Roxy Capron ’14. Flavors include “apple and blueberry, mostly, probably.”

Unfortunately, no cherry.

  • When? Thursday (4/5), Friday (4/6), Monday (4/9) and Tuesday (4/10), 12-2 pm and 5-7 pm
  • Where? Usdan tables downstairs
  • How much? $2 per slice or $12 for a whole pie

In Memory of Pi(e) Day: A Sensory Experience of Sight, Smell, Taste, and Sound

Pi Day? Pie Day. It’s been 12 days, but it’s never too late to celebrate pi(e) day, says Alan Rodi ’12. Experimental Music students and pie-eaters, take note:

A concert in three movements of flavours.

$2 suggested minimum donation for a slice of pie; proceeds go to Brighter Dawns. There will be a limited number of slices available.

The piece is an attempt in making experimental music accessible. Inspired in part by In C, musicians will follow a score of a section of melodic passages around a shifting tonal center, but the means of getting from passage to passage is indeterminate and the only time marker is a single bell that rings between the three movements.

The concert runs exactly 30 minutes with an additional short intermission between the second and third movement for pie distribution. Note: scented incense and deliciously smelling pies will be used during the performance. Any additional musicians should please contact Alan Rodi at arodi(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and be prepared to meet an hour before the schedule time to briefly review the piece.

Thomas L. Friedman Pied by Brown Radical

Week-old news, but at an Earth Day lecture at Brown, NYTimes globalization-happy Op-Ed columnist Thomas L. Friedman was pied in the face by what turned out to be radical leftist students with an agenda:

What a trooper!

Margaree Little, the offending pie artist, said she “wanted to open up a dialogue about what it really means to have free speech on an elite college campus like Brown”:

She said they considered passing out fliers or preparing questions to ask Friedman during a question-and-answer session, but ultimately decided to take a more significant step.

“I think it was successful in that those conversations are happening now in a pretty engaged way,” she said.

And how!

Yahoo News: Times Columnist Friedman Pied at Brown