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Scenes from the Foss Hill Pillow Fight

It started as a pillow fight:

And then it became the Foss Hill Napfest:


Pillow Fight!

International Pillow Fight Day is Saturday, April 4.

featherWesleyan’s observance of this momentous occasion will start at the base of Foss Hill at 4 pm and end at 5 pm, or until it runs out of steam, whichever happens first.

The rules are simple: soft pillows only (filled with feathers, if at all possible), don’t be mean, and everything should be in good fun! Bring your friends, and their pillows. There will be a start signal at 4.

Join the Facebook group if you’re a willing participant, and you will be contacted with further instructions. Thanks to Collin McMichael ’09 for organizing!

Date: Saturday, April 4
Time: 4 pm
Place: Base of Foss Hill

P.S. It might rain earlier on Saturday – if it’s really wet and gross out, pillow fighters will assemble in the Usdan lobby at the same time.