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MGMT To Perform Unique “Musical Experience” at the Guggenheim

This just in from P4k Media Corps: The MGMTs, apparently desiring a change of pace from Bowery Ballroom and MHall Williamsburg, will be performing two unique “musical experience” performances at the Guggenheim Museum on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The shows, which are scheduled for November 10 and 11,  are in honor of the Guggenheim’s Maurizio Cattelan retrospective—the Italian artist’s work “will encircle the band as they perform, exhibited throughout the spiral-shaped building.”

“We’re creating a musical experience that works for the building, and for the construction and presentation of the Cattelan exhibition,” explain Andrew and Ben via press release. “The art exhibition is done in a completely original way, so it deserves music which is completely original.”

The video above is a sort of interview slash promo for the Guggenheim performances. In explaining the inspiration between the museum appearances, Andrew VanWyngarden reminisces on a Wesleyan memory from freshman year, ten years ago this fall, when he lived in WestCo:

LE1F Does Work

To preemptively answer your question: I am indeed a bit self-conscious about linking to Pitchfork in two successive posts, but it needed to be done. Wesleyan alum Khalif Diouf ’11, aka LE1F, produced a Spank Rock track that was recently BNM’d by the illustrious reviewing site. He’s in remarkable company, too; NoLa bounce luminary Big Freedia (click here to get back to basics) lends her superhype vocals to the energetic raunchfest, and they complement Diouf’s beat to frenzied effect. It’s a raw grind, and y’all would be well advised to check it out:

02 Nasty feat. Big Freedia & Tyette by The FADER

Here’s wishing LE1F all the best.  With any luck, we’ll hear much more of him in the near future.

You Oughta Know By Now…

Live meta-reportage photo credit: A-Batte

…that Wesleying must invariably comment on a Das Racist release; to fail to follow the suit of the NYT, the Wall Street Journal, and P4k, among others, would be sheer negligence on our part. They’ve even gotten another one of those sweet feats from GQ (have you ever really looked at soup dumplings…I mean really looked?!). The fact of the matter is that unless you live under a rock—and that rock happens to be located somewhere far, far away from Middletown or any area with a significant population of “indie” folkz—you’re probably well aware of Relax, the latest project of rap wonder duo Heems (Himanshu Suri ’07) and Kool AD (Victor Vazquez ’06) and hypeman Dapwell (Ashok Kondabolu). If you’re not, check this vid immediately.

Wavves on Pitchfork 3D

Get amped for Spring Fling (it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming)—check out opening act Wavves’ spot on Pitchfork.tv‘s new series, Pitchfork 3D. Watch the band thrash around in a pool of trippy visuals and floating farm animals to the tune of infectious single “Post Acid.” Highly recommended for fans of iTunes visualizers and fun with green screens.

Glasses not provided (sorry!). [I’m moving the video after the jump so it stops loading automatically kthnx.]

Raekwon To Play Spring Fling, San Francisco Same Night

Last week Pitchfork published a list of Raekwon tour dates, which, as some worried readers pointed out, features the slightly alarming news that the Wu Tang veteran has a show lined up at San Fransisco’s Mezzanine on May 5—the same day he’s booked to play Spring Fling. In fact, it pretty much looks like he’s CA-chillin’ all week long. BLARRGH:

04-29 Modesto, CA – Fat Cat
04-30 Los Angeles, CA – El Rey Theatre
05-01 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades
05-03 Costa Mesa, CA – Detroit Bar
05-05 San Francisco, CA – Messanine

Turns out he is playing the Mezzanine show—and Spring Fling, Rae’s agent confirms. Thanks to the power of air transportation and cross-country time difference (the San Fran show doesn’t start until 9:00 PM—or midnight EST), this is not a physical impossibility. Sweet relief.

Here’s the “Shaolin vs WuTang” video:

Open Memo to Social Committee:

Can we please get Odd Future for Spring Fling? It would be almost as cool as that time Insane Clown Posse didn’t play here.

It’s a rough day outside, Wesleyan. Bundle up. Careful on the ice.

Valentine’s Day Distractor Roundup

“I just don’t wanna celebrate a bullshit holiday. I’m plenty romantic. I own a home and have never shit my pants. Two things you can’t say.” —ShitMyDadSays

Happy Monday, kids. Things are happening in the world!

Here’s a brief collection of five major headlines from the day (some Wes-related, some not) far more interesting to me than what you are doing—or not doing—for Valentine’s Day. Dig it.

Dismemberment Plan + Das Racist = ???

A life of pastabilities? Not quite.

I fucking love the Dismemberment Plan. You probably love Das Racist. Combine the two, and the results are about as awkward as you’d imagine.

No, there’s no collab in the works—just some video footage (above) of the recently reunited veteran DC band paying homage to an unlikely contemporary influence: Wes’s own Das Racist. The story went down at the band’s Boston gig Friday night, where an extended rendition of “OK Joke’s Over” somehow segued into a hilariously sloppy punk take on DR’s 2009 claim to fame, “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.” “By the end,” Pitchfork reports, “[D-Plan frontman Travis] Morrison was dementedly screaming ‘Chick-fil-A! Chick-fil-A!’ over and over.” NIIIICE.

Bear Hands Return to Wes

Cool news via the always on-point Aural Wes: alumni band Bear Hands, whose debut Burning Bush Supper Club has been making waves all over the intertubes (and which Pitchfork praised back in November as the latest in a long line of “boys with raw, nasal voices and penchants for shimmering keyboards and huge waves of overdubbed psychedelic guitars” coming out of Wesleyan), will be making noise at Eclectic in just two short weeks.

We’ll post more details when that date (Saturday, January 29) approaches. In the meantime, I like Aural Wes’s write-up (which likens the upcoming show to MGMT’s April, 2008, homecoming gig at Beckham, just as they were beginning to build up steam outside the Wesleyan bubble) enough to repost it here, after the jump. And as per our last Bear Hands post, you can stream tracks from the album here, order it here, and check out Argus interviews with Bear Hands members here and here.