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Victor Vazquez vs. New Yorker

Last month the New Yorker “Cartoon Lounge” blog poked fun at Das Racist’s Wesleyan roots in a facetious analysis of “Pizza Hut Taco Bell”.

Well, DR’s Victor Vazquez ’08 was not amused. Or, was amused enough to challenge cartoonist Farley Katz to a cartoon duel:

Dear Farley Katz,

While I appreciate you taking the time to blog about our viral art-rap song, I’m sorry to say your journalistic approach lacked vigor. When referring to our alma mater, you mentioned “the dean of Wesleyan’s twin monocles,” when it is a highly-publicized fact that Dean Charles Peyton Randolph Cottonbaron has three monocles. I have no idea how this got past the fact checkers. This is lazy journalism, pure and simple. I notice you’re a cartoonist and a gentleman with a history of dueling. I challenge you to a cartoon-off.

Victor Vazquez

The challenge? Each combatant drew a day in the life of a rapper, a day in the life of a cartoonist, and a futuristic utopia where racism does not exist.

You be the judge:

Vasquez draws a futuristic utopia where racism doesn't exist.

Vazquez draws a futuristic utopia where racism doesn't exist.

Das Racist on Nylon TV, New Yorker

Nylon interviews Das Racist; everyone is blazed. Hima met Victor at a students of color against oppression dorm.

The notoriety enjoyed by the Wallpaper remix of  “Pizza Hut Taco Bell” this summer prompted the New Yorker blog to investigate the many combination businesses that exist in New York City:

Wesleyan is a fancy university in the élite Northeast. It is so fancy, the school used its power to create a law prohibiting fast-food restaurants from coexisting on campus—such a combination is looked down upon as something, say, a Middlebury student might enjoy. So, when Wesleyan-born rap duo Das Racist graduated and moved to Brooklyn, they were so shocked by a store that contained both a Pizza Hut and a Taco Bell, they were forced to write this rap song about it and then sing it into YouTube.

Ha. Ha ha. Please, fancy New Yorker, tell us more about being so fancy and elite.

Das Racist in the Times

das-racist-foto1The NY Times music review published an article about Wesleyan’s Das Racist which includes Obama and fighting racial prejudice. What more can you want from an article, Wes?*

Check it out:

During a news conference on Wednesday night, President Obama stood up for the prominent African-American Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., who had recently been arrested by a white police officer in Cambridge, Mass., in an incident rife with racial tension.

In a less publicized defense later that night at Union Pool in Brooklyn, the local art-rap group Das Racist offered a song to Mr. Gates, who famously testified on behalf of 2 Live Crew in a 1990 obscenity trial, locating that bawdy group’s performances in a long lineage of black oral traditions.

Mr. Gates, though, couldn’t have anticipated Das Racist, a pair of stoner jokesters: Himanshu Suri, whose parents emigrated from India, and Victor Vazquez, of Cuban and Italian heritage. But their sloppiness is a mask for detailed, affectionate hip-hop parody, name-dropping KRS-One and Asher Roth as easily as W. E. B. Du Bois and the literary critic Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Their act is a blend that inspires questions like this one in a recent interview in The Village Voice: “Is this a joke that everyone thinks is a graduate thesis, or vice versa?”

And this one, which Mr. Suri asked the tightly packed, largely white, artfully dressed and coifed crowd on Wednesday: “You guys like rap music at all?”

Both were fair questions. Das Racist formed at Wesleyan: if the Hoover administration promised a chicken in every pot, perhaps what the Obama era has to offer is a joke-rap ensemble at every liberal arts college. But Das Racist’s lack of piety has become an aesthetic of its own, with songs that are as much commentary on hip-hop as rigorous practice of it.

See the full article here.

[Thanks to JohnWesley for the tip.]

* Seriously Wes, we’re curious. Tell us.

Pizza Hut/Taco Bell: A Metaphor. An Allegory.

Das Racist is blowing up – Pitchfork touted “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” as one of the songs of the summer, and the Village Voice just discovered the track and finds it to be a transcendent encapsulation of our times or something. Even Perez Hilton (?!) featured it last week, after a post entitled “Hef on Kendra’s Pregnancy”.


In an effort to clarify the sociopolitical context of Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, the Village Voice interviewed Hima and Kool A.D. in a feature this week, in which they expound on the origins of and reactions to Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, the prospect of being pigeonholed as fast-food rappers, the blipster phenomenon, and the value of street cred in the rap game.

Check out the Wallpaper remix of Pizza Hut Taco Bell, which might actually be one of the songs of the summer, go figure:

Mainstream success:

[via Buggin’ Out]

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Das Racist explains “blipsters”

Online magazine The Root has this embarrassingly unironic article about the rise of black hipsters, or… blipsters, thus somewhat legitimizing a term that probably should not have become a serious thing.

One Himanshu Kumar explains the advent of black people wearing tight pants to readers:

“You can’t really wear sagging jeans without being embarrassed on your skateboard,” says Himanshu Kumar of the band Das Racist.

[…] Das Racist, a hipsterish band comprised of Queens-born Kumar and San Francisco-born Victor Vazquez, matches hyphy dance beats with lyrics about “the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” that could speak for the ‘hood or the nearest gated community. And why choose? “A lot of this all [comes] from a resurgence of ‘80s culture into the boring modern day; across races—tight jeans and bright clothing aren’t distinctly un-hip-hop, so to speak,” Kumar says.

Ok. Now we know.


Anyway, Das Racist is in the running to be Artist of the Month in Deli Magazine, a site about the NYC music scene – vote here if you are so inclined. You can also get a free download of the Pizza Hut Taco Bell remix here at Playboy.com (of all places) if you don’t yet have it.

The Root: The Rise of the Black Hipster

Das Racist; Das Youtube

Tickets to Francis & the Lights/Das Racist at Eclectic tonight are basically sold out.  Here is some small compensation if you couldn’t get tickets.

What RCRC LBL had to say about these dudes (Victor Vasquez and Himanshu Suri ’06) recently:

We should preface, these tunes should be listened to while high somewhere on a porch in Brooklyn. If that isn’t an option, and/or if you have a low threshold for humor, Das Racist may sound pretty awful. (After all, their popular track, “Pizza Hut Taco Bell,” is based on trying to meet up at a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell stand on Jamaica Avenue.) But if you listen to “Ring Tone” with a bong in hand, these lyrics will have you rolling on the floor on top of Doritos (i.e. the track mentions George of the jungle, guapo, taco, apostles, Coca Cola, and Motorola in one big ass rhyme).

PS What’s with the name? According to [Victor] Vazquez, the name Das Racist is “actually just from this one little kid saying “thas racist” on Wonder Showzen, which then became a game where you shout it at the TV whenever some out-of-pocket-thing is happening. Then when we had to name our band, we spelled it “das” cause it was funnier, like Das EFX or like some German sh*t. I don’t know… smoke a lot of weed…. etc…” Hey, at least they ain’t racist.

Unfortunately, the lack of Brooklyn stoops on campus means you will have to settle for listening to these tunes at Eclectic tonight. Or in your room, loudly enough to irritate your neighbors.

And because “Pizza Hut/Taco Bell” is gradually searing itself into your brain, here is more things!

The official video for “Chicken and Meat”, directed by Jordan Fish ’06, starring Victor, Hima, and another guy who went to my high school:

[via Gordon Gartrelle]

And here is somebody who YouTube claims is Larry David, singing Pizza Hut/Taco Bell while preparing Thanksgiving dinner. His identity is questionable, but the hilarity is not:

Previously on Wesleying:
Spotlight: Das Racist

Spotlight: Das Racist

Lately we’ve mentioned some Wes-related music acts in passing, but not in detail. Here is further explication, most of which is lifted shamelessly from Aural Wes, which naturally is on the ball with these musical sorts of things.

Das Racist, described by the Guardian as “a self-styled ‘slacker-art-rap Dutchpop world music band with mad street cred'”, has been racking up some Internet attention.

Case in point: a few months ago the top Google search hits for “das racist” were links to various people being oppressed, and now they’re all about these guys:

DAS RACIST, the inspired, hilarious, and totally fucking brilliant collaboration of Himanshu Suri ’07 and Victor Vazquez ’06, deserve our attention these days. After all, here at Wesleyan we are all about the next big thing, and right now the next big thing is really clever, really hungry, and definitely stoned. And it sounds a little like this:

The best rapper is Eminem
I’m not even joking, the best rapper is Eminen
Just joking, the best rapper is me and him
Our rap band is called Das Racist, we’re back again
And I don’t really like that dude, Eminem
And I’ma probably say his name again, Eminem
Catch me in the club, eating M&Ms
I’m on the train walking around selling M&Ms
It’s also nice that the boys keep it in the fam, with tracks produced by Leif (known by friends, lovers, fans as Khalif Diouf ’11) and Harrison Schaaf ’11.

Their biggest hit thus far, “Pizza Hut Taco Bell“, is what I imagine it’s like to be stoned, hungry, and lost in Queens, without a car but with a very rhythmic case of tinnitus. Get more on MySpace, and check out Hima’s blog, Gordon Gartrelle.

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