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Want to tend to the Wild Walls?

wildwallsFrom Nicole Stanton ’15:

Hello, Wes! Have you seen those lovely walls right outside of Weshop? They are presently receiving a lot of love from caregivers who all happen to be seniors! If you are interested in taking care of the walls (just some water and the occasional pruning) please email nestanton[at]wesleyan[dot]edu ASAP!

Happy May.

Do it! Email her!

Wild Walls

WILD WALLSFrom Kate “Katydid” Weiner ’15:

Love to garden? Want to learn more about vertical living walls? Enjoy making things? Wild Walls will be building a large-scale green wall on campus this semester that will incorporate both a vertical garden and herb wall.

We would love your help! If you’d like to join or have any questions/ideas, contact kweiner[at]wesleyan.edu

Tour of the WestCo Courtyard Permaculture Landscape

From Manon Lefevre ’14:

Since 2010, WILD Wes (Working for Intelligent Landscape Design at Wesleyan) has been working on changing the face of our campus landscape to build beautiful, productive, unifying places. The WestCo courtyard was our first project, transformed from its degraded and eroded state into a stunning landscape with dozens of edible and native trees and shrubs, rain gardens, and native meadows (and all that kaaale). Now, nearly three years later, we are hosting a special Parents’ Weekend tour of the garden for anyone interested in its history and ecology. If you’ve ever wondered about the space or would like to learn more about WILD Wes, come on out! Bring your family! And we’ll hopefully be planting trees in the courtyard at that time as well, which will be awesome!!!

Date: Saturday, November 2
Time: 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard

View with a Room: A Nature Lover’s Paradise


Though I cannot tell you who decided to christen this series  “View with a Room” oh those many years ago, and why they decided upon such a title, I can tell you that the view of Jason Tangson ’16’s room is a beautiful one—and it’s one that you can get a glimpse of outside the confines of this post.

“It’s like a fucking greenhouse in there,” says one freshman, who mentions seeing it on her way to Olin.

The abundance of  flora in his room, which include species like Wandering Jews, along with Iresines,  Aloes, Chinese Ferns, and a banana tree, will probably incline you to agree, though the artificial tiger, and the aquarium containing three Minnows, two frogs, and two Bettas (this kind, not that kind), tempt me to describe it as more jungle-esque.

The drawings on the wall, all done by Tangson, only add to the mystical-paradise aura of his room. My personal favorite is the large green face on black—done as an 11th grade project, and previously unnamed. Tangson now declares, “Let’s call it Peter Helman.”

Spring WILD Wes Info Session and Student Forum


Thinking about which student forums to join this spring (cool topics and academic credit hollaaaaa)? Nate Dolton-Thornton ’15 has a super cool option for you:

The WILD Wes student forum is back again this spring, and things are popping! The information session for this semester’s forum will be this Thursday night at Earth House, following the first student group meeting of the year at 8:00pm! For now, here’s a brief description of the course:

This semester, we’ll be learning about permaculture, landscape design, and plant biology/ecology, interspersed with group-based landscape design projects. At the same time, the student group will be working with administrators so that, come a bit later, students will have the chance to design the Summerfields area of the Butts or WILD Wes’ second full-on site! The latter part of the forum (when it’s warm and the ground is less frozen) will be spent implementing and learning about the final plantings in the WILD WestCo site — the understory plants in the Edible Forest Garden and Forest Mimic, and the Shrub and Berry Thicket — and, hopefully, starting work on the new WILD Wes site!

Contact Rina Kremer ’15 at rkremer(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or Nate Dolton-Thornton ’15 at ndoltonthorn(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions, comments, or for more information!

Date: Thursday, January 31
Time: 8pm
Place: Eart Yurt (159 High St.)