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Compostable plastics at Usdan

I used to be upset about Bon Appétit’s frequent use of disposable plastic cups and containers, especially at Late Night. But, about a month ago, I looked at the bottom of my cup, and was surprised to find that it is compost-able!

Apparently there are “bioplastics” made mostly from corn starch and cellulose, that fully degrade into water, carbon dioxide and organic material when composted. Pretty cool.

So, while Bon Appétit’s plastic cups and containers are not recyclable through Middletown’s collection program, they are compost-able… so stick them in the compost buckets on your way out!

UPDATE: Oops! Apparently the plastics are compost-able, but not compost-able enough. Helpful comment, from Elisa:

We tested sticking them in the earth tub composters and boiling them and neither really did anything. We’d need a super, industrial shredder and a super, industrial compost facility to compost them! Sorry to bust the myth, but there it is. At least Bon Appetit is trying.

In other words, don’t stick the containers in the composting bins!