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Costume Shop Hours

If you’re putting on a theatrical production this semester, you’ll probably appreciate this tidbit from our tipbox:

Putting on a play? Re-enacting a historical scene? Then come borrow costumes from Wesleyan’s own Costume Collection! Our hours for the spring semester are:

Monday 1-3
Tuesday 1-3
Friday 1-3

Hope to see you soon!

Second Stage Presents: Gruesome Playground Injuries

gruesome playground injuries

Second Stage always seems to know what you want to do with your weekend.  From Brett Keating ’15:

Come see Rajiv Joseph’s darkly comedic study of friendship and compassion in this love story written in the scars.

Tickets are available for free at the Wesleyan box office on the day of the performance. Shows are expected to sell out, so get them early.

Starring: Willa Beckman ’15, Reiss Clauson-Wolf ’13, Ali Goldberg ’15Sara Guernsey ’15, Philip Halin ’15, Mark Popinchalk ’13, Linsin Smith ’16, and Richie Starzec ’14.

Written by Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Brett Keating ’15
Stage managed by Sam Melvin ’13

Please note: This production contains sensitive material relating to self-harm.

Date: Thursday, February 21st – Saturday, February 23rd
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: Free while supplies last!

Second Stage Presents: This is Our Youth

Sarah Corey ’15 invites you to a play this weekend:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 8pm in the Westco Cafe. No tickets needed.

In 1982, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, three pot-smoking teenagers are resoundingly rejecting the 1960s ideals of their affluent parents. In hilarious and bittersweet detail, Youth presents a living snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood by following forty-eight turbulent hours in the lives of three very lost souls at the dawn of the Reagan Era.

Zach Carlson
Conor Boughton
Julia Black

Directed by Sarah Corey
Stage managed by Gwen Rosen

Facebook here. Get there early folks, this one is gonna fill up fast.

Second Stage Presents: Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom

Put down those video games and come see a show! Gabe Gordon ’15 and Emilie Pass ’15 have more:

2nd Stage presents:
NEIGHBORHOOD 3: Requisition of Doom
by Jennifer Haley

In a suburban subdivision with identical houses, parents find their teenagers addicted to an online horror video game. The game setting? A subdivision with identical houses. The goal? Smash through an army of zombies to escape the neighborhood for good. But as the line blurs between virtual and reality, both parents and players realize that fear has a life of its own.

Audition for The Last Days of the Old Wild Boy


Awoooooo! From Sewon Kang ’14:

Celebrated playwright Rinde Eckert is currently in residency at Wesleyan as part of the Creative Campus Initiative in conjunction with the Theater Department. Eckert is developing a new play that will be performed by Wesleyan students on November 15-17, 2012. The Last Days of the Old Wild Boy is about a man raised by wolves who finds himself toward the end of his life at the top of the food chain, powerful and erudite, but longing for a return to the wilderness of the wolf he once was. How does one recover one’s original, less conditioned or acculturated self? What is gained in the effort? What is lost in translation? Our language gets us in deep trouble and elevates us at the same time. Should I be howling now?

Sign up to audition on the call board in the Theater & Dance Studio building!

Audition for “This is Our Youth”

Gwen Rosen ’15 wants you to play a teenager:

Come audition for This is Our Youth, a play that follows forty-eight turbulent hours in the lives of three very lost souls at the dawn of the Reagan Era, capturing the moment between adolescence and adulthood.

Auditions will be held:

  • Tuesday, September 4th, 4:30-6:30PM
  • Wednesday, September 5th, 4-6PM

All auditions will be held in the Jones Room. No preparation or experience necessary, just be prepared to do a cold reading. Questions, comments, want to say hi? Email Sarah Corey ’15 (scorey@wes) or Gwen Rosen ’15 (grosen@wes).

Date: Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5th
Time: 4:30-6:30 PM and 4-6 PM, respectively
Place: Jones Room, Theater Studios, CFA

Last Showing of Junk Redemption – 8:00 PM, Whisper Wall

Junk Redemption, an original one-act by Alma Sanchez-Eppler ’14, will have its last showing tonight, Sunday, at 8:00 PM. Come to the whisper wall to sit on the grass and watch this play come to life outdoors!


  • Katherine Cohen ’14
  • Yatta Zoker ’14
  • Meggie Twible ’12
  • Kelly Lee ’14
  • Date:  Today, Sunday, May 13
  • Time:  8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Place:  The Whisper Wall, behind the Theater Studios in the CFA
  • Cost:  Nothing!

“4 Horsemen” – yet another play by that one guy

Think ET but not. And like, people. Michael Steves ’13:

Come see “4 Horsemen”, a new student-written play, this Thursday,
Friday, and Saturday in the Westco Cafe! All three shows start at 8pm.

“4 Horsemen” is a sci-fi drama-comedy about four average people
who come in contact with an alien that represents itself as the thing
that is missing most in your life (i.e. an estranged child, or a
friend you’ve lost touch with). When the alien reveals that it’s
species intends to destroy the world at dawn, the 4 people have to
convince the strange being that humanity is worth preserving.

Date: April 5-7, 2012
Time: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Place: Westco Cafe
Cost: Free

Cast/crew info after jump. Facebook here.

“How I Learned to Drive” up this weekend

With great apologies to Ms. Arnold ’12 for the tardiness of the post:

A comedic drama chronicling a series of childhood memories from not-so-perfect family dynamics, to self discovery, to survival. Written by Paula Vogel.

Tickets free and are available day-of-show at the Usdan Box Office. Get them early, limited seating!

Time: 7 pm
Dates: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 1, 2, 3
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: Free
Face: Book
Info on the show and cast after the jump.

Audition for Second Stage’s Production of 448 Pychosis

Shelby Arnold ’12 is full of smiles and cheer:

Clinical depression. Medication. Suicide. Intimacy. Isolation. (In)dependence. Love. Loss.

Come audition for this intense ride through the mind of Sarah Kane. Don’t prepare, just be ready to open up completely.

The show goes up in the ’92 April 26-28. If you can’t make these auditions but are interested, email Shelby (sarnold@wes). See Facebook page for audition info and Wiki page for information about the show.

Date: January 26 (that’s today).
Time: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Fayerweather Theater Rehearsal Room
Linkage: Facebook, Wiki