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You Need To Know About ZviDance

Know about it yet? No? Why the hell not? Fine. Take it away, Anya Backlund ’11:

Srsly. You need to know about ZviDance.

Specifically, know these things:

1.     ZviDance’s Zoom is the first performance in the CFA’s 2012-2013 Performing Arts Series – read on for more info about the show!

2.     [No longer applicable because I posted this late as fuck. Angry comments below! -Ed.]

3.     There’s a free masterclass with the dancers this Saturday at 11am in Bessie Schonberg Dance Studios on Pine Street. Register at the box office plz (again, deets below).

4.     Zoom is a dance about social media. Not kidding. You’re even supposed to use your smartphone during the performance (?!) to take pictures and text them (and your written thoughts) to a dancer on stage who then incorporates all that into real-time video collages that are then projected into the theater. THEN the dancers interact with the photos, texts, etc. In other words, your work becomes a part of their work.