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Plume Giant / Alpenglow @ Earth House

The Eart Yurt is at it again.

Plume Giant is a three-piece band from Brooklyn. The three members met in Yale and have played several shows over the last few years at Wesleyan. Once a folk trio with a penchant for catchy melodies and big choruses, they have been developing a more orchestral, synth-pop sound of late, experimenting with more instruments and textures in preparation for a new album set to drop in 2014.

Giant Gallery of the Giant Plume Giant Show

Friday night was jam-packed with folksy music as four (yes, four) acoustic acts took the stage at Buddhist House. It all began with Miles Orion Butler, a singer-songwriter hailing from the far-off land of Philadelphia, PA. The barefooted Butler played ballads from his EP, Go Lightly, and covers of the Tallest Man on Earth and Dr. Dog.

The Wesleyan band Brushfireconsisting of Mel Hsu ’13 and Jess Best ’14, followed up with their debut performance. Hsu’s upright bass was downright swampy, and the atmosphere got even more southern when an audience member got up and began playing harmonica. Everyone in the house was urged to “get up” and “grind, if you want to” when the band gave us a rendition of  Justin “didn’t-he-used-to-make-music?” Timberlake’s “Rock your Body.”

Giant Plume Giant Show @ Buddhist House

Noah Rush ’14, putting the “House” in “Buddhist House,” writes in:

Three, no wait, four acts taking the stage on Friday night at Buddhist House. Headlined by Plume Giant, a stellar folk trio made up of graduates from Yale University. They just released a full length Callithump, which you can find here and finished up a national tour in promotion of said album. Here’s a video of them rockin’ out on a rooftop despite a kind of awkward introductory lady.

What? They’ve also played at Wesleyan before.

Other bands:
Friendship Marathon – Wesleyan band debut show, formerly called
Jacquisaurus and the Poppyseeds, made up of Gabe Greenberg, Noah Rush
and Jackie Soro, make songs with lots of instruments.
Brushfire – WEsleyan band debut show, Mel Hsu and Jess Best
Miles Orion Butler – singer-songwriter from Philadelphia
here’s his ep.

GET FOLKED UP @ Earth House

Iiiiiiiit’s EARTH HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three of the most glorious and melodic folk/bluegrass bands will be playing at Earth House this Friday night! Come prepared for a night of beautiful songwriting, harmonies, lovin’ and folkin’ around.

Opening the show will be Jacquisaurus and the Poppyseeds! Originals by Gabe Greenberg ’14, Jackie Soro ’14, and Noah Rush ’14.

PLUME GIANT! Yale’s favorite folk trio will melt your hearts with their sublime harmonies.

Coming straight from Brooklyn, the folk trio Tumbling Bones will play some raw bluegrassy tunes including a banjo, fiddle, and harmonica.

Come on out and delight your senses with plenty of guitar, fiddle, and acoustic folk harmonies. Ahhhhh. The show will begin around 9:30pm!

Where: Earth House
When: ~9:30 PM, tonight
What: An awesome concert. Everybody come!

May Day at Long Lane Farm!

Submitted by Rachel Gelman ’12:

Come on down to the farm to celebrate warm weather, flowers, summer, and everything MAY-related with:

  • FREE Healthy Food
  • Farming
  • Crafts
  • Maypole (see above if you’re not sure what this is)
  • Special film screening of “The Greenhorns”
  • …And awesome live music. For a set list, click past the jump.