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View With A Room: Buttloads of Space, Sunlight and Style in the Butts

Wardrobe View

Despite living in the “not-newly-renovated second floor of Butts C,” Rachel Fox ’16 has a kick-ass dorm room.

Perhaps most commendable is her innovative use of bleak dorm furniture. After situating her wardrobe diagonally in the corner of the room “to give the space more of an open feeling,” Rachel has perched her three-shelf bookcase on its side atop the wardrobe to create three skinny cubbies.
Phenomenal space-saving skills? She’s got ’em. Ability to reach tall things? I sure hope so.

TONIGHT: Japan Society Dessert Party

Hibi-Chan ’15 is kawaiiiiii~~~~*~*~*~*~***:

When: TONIGHT 8:00-10:00 PM
Where: 136 High Street
What: FREE vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean sauce + POCKY STICKS!
Why: Because you love Japanese food and J-POP.

Everyone come, mingle and munch away to kick off your Friday night!