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Meals and Points: a Portrait of a Hungry Freshman


I left for Thanksgiving Break with exactly one meal and 23 points to my name. On the car ride home, I made some careful calculations:

Because one bottle of Naked Juice costs roughly three points, I’ll be able to average one Naked Juice every other day for the rest of the semester! And hey, I can even visit Usdan once!

But this isn’t all fun and games. With the arrival of finals, I’m pretty much screwed.

Thus, over Thanksgiving break, instead of wasting my time studying, I decided to formulate a plan to avoid being hungry. After hearing about my friends’ frequent hunger pangs, I thought it was best to publicly document my quest to remain properly fed.

But before I could lay out a plan of attack, I knew I had to address this problem strategically. I quickly hopped on WesAdmits to consult my fellow students about their experiences with year-end hunger.

“I managed to obtain a Bon Appetit uniform and snuck into Usdan one or two times last year,” Anonymous Cardinal ’16 confided to me in a Facebook message. “I felt terrible about it, but I didn’t want to die of starvation.”

Fall ’12 Points Calculator

Wondering if you’re going to run out of points if you keep getting coffee at Pi three times a day?

 About this time of year I start wondering if my spending habits are unhealthy. Are you wondering too? Wesleying now has an updated Fall 2012  Meal/Points Calculator.

Wesleying has decided (well, I did) that we should host a points calculator and actually keep it up to date. So whenever you find that the Wesleying points calculator is old, just complain by sending an email to staff <at> wesleying <dot> org. Code is originally by Jeff Ruberg ’12.

Sit Tight, ACB: The New WesPoints

The ACB is all worked up about the lack of WesPoints this semester. “How will I ever figure out how many points I can spend in a day now?” ” Im guessing the person who maintained it let the domain expire. Maybe they graduated.”

Rest easy. Thanks to Anonymous ’13 and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, WesPoints is back and updated for the new semester, promising “a way for Wesleyan students to calculate their points/meals spent at Wesleyan University.” Here’s the tip we received:

Anonymous ’13 wants to inform the campus that the WesPoint app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is updated for the Fall 2012 semester! Link is here. Or in iTunes store. Search “wespoint”

Here’s the link. It’s free, and it totally “changes the way we calculate points, again.” (Not really.) There aren’t any reviews in iTunes yet, so add your own.

Sign Up for Fruit and Veggie Co-op

Sign ups open until September 12.

Val Pucilowski ’13 wants you to eat more fruits and veggies:

Fruit and Veggie Co-op is accepting members for this semester’s co-op from now through Wednesday, September 12!

For 200 points for the semester [or 20 points/week], you will receive a selection of organic fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. You can also split the share with a friend [100 points/semester] or two [67 points/semester].

Check out our website for more information, and to complete part 1 of sign-up.

Date: now until September 12
Link: here
Cost: 200 points

Donate Extra Points to Middletown Food Not Bombs

Dan Schniedewind ’12 writes in:

Flushed with extra points and about to leave campus? Unlike Middletown Ca$h, this Wes-specific currency does not carry over from semester to semester. Middletown Food Not Bombs, an informal anti-authoritarian network dedicated to the principles of mutual aid and direct action against hunger, militarism and inequality, will convert these surplus points into food for hungry bellies. Simply approach one of the ‘adult’ cashiers at WeShop before it closes on Monday (the 7th) and say you would like to donate to Food Not Bombs. The points will be deducted from your balance and put toward a substantial bulk order to be distributed for free on Main Street over the coming weeks. M-FNB hosts a weekly vegetarian picnic on the corner of Liberty and Main each Sunday at 1 PM. Food is made available to everyone, rich or poor, drunk or sober. Diners serve themselves and anyone can contribute.

Donate some points or, better yet, join us for a tasty, free meal this Sunday 1pm at the Buttonwood on Main Street!

Date: Thursday – Monday
Place: Weshop
Cost: Points

WesPoints: It’s Finally Here

You bitched about it in the shoutbox, and we told you to sit tight. “If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs, “I could calculate my points and meals expenditure on my iPhone or iPod touch while on the go.”

Now, thanks to the grinding labor of Anonymous Whoever ‘?? and the Wesleyan iOS Application Development Club, you can. That’s thanks to WesPoints, “a points calendar made by Wesleyan students for Wesleyan students,” compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The developers write:

A Wesleyan points/meals calculator of Spring’12. Calculate the spendings of your points and meals this Spring semester using this application on your iPhone and/or iPod touch!

WSA’s Meal Plan Analysis, Revisited

A couple of weeks ago, the Argus printed a story titled “WSA Targets Meal Plan: Unused Meals and Points Estimated at $1 Million,” along with an editorial (cache) about the usefulness of the WSA’s analysis of meal plan usage. Despite the potential for serious reflection on the meal plan and student dissatisfaction with their options, the Argus went the way of criticizing the mathematical limitations of the analysis and defending the current system as the administration’s best possible effort. If someone had told me that Dean Rick Culliton himself wrote the editorial then the Argus’ stance would make a little more sense to me. As it is, I’m going to have to assume that whoever wrote/approved of the article and editorial either did not understand what was presented in the memorandum sent out to members of the administration or simply missed the point.

Wesleying has gotten a copy of the analysis (available here, courtesy of the WSA) and, after a conversation with WSA President Mike Pernick ’10*, I think I have gotten a pretty good handle of  the key points and implications of the analysis. Quite a few of you must agree with the perspective the Argus took, but I am taking this as an opportunity to look at the data from the perspective of a frustrated student.

*Our conversation clarified the analysis itself and what the WSA’s biggest concerns were. Opinions in this post are entirely mine.

Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet!

Yeah crowdsourcing!

Thom Sisson ’09 has updated Matt Bush ’09‘s points spreadsheet for this semester’s calendar, so that it schedules you to run out of points at the end of exam period, not the beginning.  Thanks Thom!

To use it, just enter the current date along with how many points and/or meals you have left in the semester.  The spreadsheet will automatically show you how many points you should spend per day and how many meals you should use per week.

Enjoy, and eat well this semester:

Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet

[EDIT] Nick Marshall ’10 updated the spreadsheet with a chart predicting how many points or meals you should have as the semester progresses, depending on your meal plan. Choose this one if seeing more numbers will help you plan more wisely:

Fall 2009 Points Spreadsheet (updated)

Points Spreadsheet, help?

Among the most vexing parts of life at Wes is figuring out what and how much you can afford to eat at any given point in the semester.

In the past we used to post an Excel points spreadsheet each semester to help you calculate how many points and meals you should be spending per day, based on your meal plan. Unfortunately, spreadsheet champion Matt Bush ’09, who used to make it, graduated last semester.

If you’re an Excel wiz/math major/altruistic human being and can figure out how to adjust it to 2009, email it to staff(at)wesleying.org and you will be everybody’s hero, for real.

Here’s last year’s spreadsheet for guidance:

2008 Fall Points Worksheet

Previous Points Spreadsheet posts

Last day to order items through WEShop

Shopping cartToday is the last day to place bulk and/or personal orders for food items at WEShop. Points expire at the end of the year, so now might be a good time to stock up on some special order yum-yums. I’d assume that you should get to WEShop before 5:00 to place an order.

As a reminder, WEShop will not fill orders for TVs, Corvettes, or gold jewelry.