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UJSS Accepting Submissions until May 7th

Get that grade, get that award, get that article published! Off you go to graddd schooooooool. What? Elizabeth “Lizzie Tyrone” Williams ’13 hollers at you, girl:

The deadline for the spring publication for The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies (UJSS, click here to access) is fast approaching! Please feel free to submit essays on any social science topic to ujsswesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com by May 7th.

Good god, I need that caffeine right up in here.

“Multitrack Diplomacy: Building Trust between Hostile States” with Jenny Town

Tess Lemon ’14 (any relation to Liz Lemon?) writes in

This presentation will discuss the role of Track II diplomacy State-to-state relations with “hostile” states, and provides some real world examples of efforts that are currently underway by U.S. nongovernmental actors with both the DPRK and Myanmar. These case studies will analyze a range of Track II engagement strategies and their widely differing results.

Jenny Town is a Research Associate at the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, where her research and program areas include issues related to North Korea, Korea’s regional relations, human rights, and nuclear energy policies. She manages USKI’s Working Paper Series, the DPRK Economic Forum, and the web-initiative 38 North. Prior to joining USKI, she worked for the Human Rights in North Korea Project at Freedom House.

Brought to you by Liberty in North Korea & Korean Students Association. Sponsored by the Government Department, April Committee, ResLife Staff, and SBC.

Date: Tuh-day (April 19)
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Place: Squash Courts RM 114
Cost: Free

Wesleyan Media Project: Call for Paid Interviewers

From Aubrey Hamilton ’12:

Are you interested in social media, educational inequalities, terrorism, or perceptions of current policy issues including protests domestically and in the Middle East?

Register to participate as a paid interviewer for an opinion research project sponsored by the Wesleyan Media Project, the Quantitative Analysis Center, and Professors Fowler and Long.

If you are interested in participating please complete this form, so that we can contact you to discuss scheduling.

Interviewers will be paid $8.50/hour and will conduct interviews during the following times in APRIL:

  • Monday – Friday, and Sunday: 5:00pm to midnight
  • Saturday: 11:00am to 6pm

Asst. Gov. Prof. Chenoweth guestposts on “The Monkey Cage”

In light of the Middle Eastern revolutions, Wesleyan Gov. professor and professional badass Erica Chenoweth wrote a guest-post a couple of days ago in the political science blog The Monkey Cage, arguing for non-violent conflict studies to be considered a primary (or at least, an important) dimension in security studies. She was later quoted in political commentator Andrew Sullivan‘s blog, The Daily Dish.

Now, in case you didn’t know, Chenoweth is the head honcho of the Program on Terrorism and Insurgency Research (PTIR) here at Wesleyan, which she started in 2008. (For more information on the program, go here. Also, PTIR is looking for research interns this summer, and the deadline for applications is tomorrow. For that, go here.) Prof. Chenoweth is also a mad-cool person, and you should drop by her office and say hi.

She’s also an affiliate of the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), an independent non-profit (and apparently apolitical) organization that seeks to promote the study and practice of nonmilitary and nonviolent strategies in achieving political and social goals. On a related note, ICNC Senior Advisor Hardy Merriman was here this past Tuesday to give a poli-sci breakdown of the Egyptian protests. It, too, was mad-cool. Happy second-last day prior to Spring Break!

[Thanks to Shoutbox Poster for the tip!]

Government Major: Meet and Greet

From Elizabeth Gauvey-Kern ’11 comes a chance to learn more about the major whose classes people (me, at least) can’t seem to get into:

Considering Government for a major? Set on it, but can’t sort out the four concentrations? Who are the “can’t/can miss” Professors?

The government major is big and at times confusing. Please join the Government Majors Committee to sort it all out over PIZZA. Get to know your fellow majors and what they’re up to through mouthfuls of fresh motz and provolone.

  • Date: Tomorrow, Nov. 18
  • Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
  • Place: Allbritton 103