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Take a Short Survey on the Upcoming WSA Elections


Matt Motta ’13 wants information from you about your opinions on a certain popular campus organization that happens to have an acronym progressing antialphabetically for three letters:

Wesleyan students are, by and large, a politically informed and politically active group, but does that interest extend to our campus political processes and organizations? With WSA presidential elections fast approaching, we thought it would be a great opportunity to gauge the level of interest on campus for the elections and student politics in general with a short poll. We appreciate the input, and it will only take three minutes to complete! Relevant results will be published (form – TBA) upon completion!


A Brief History of Wesleying Polls

Last week marked a day on which all would remember where they were when they first heard the news. The current Wesleying poll, “Which option below aligns most closely with your thoughts on the administrative plan to scale back need-blind admissions?,” has finally broken the record, set back in the first week of 2011, for the most votes on a Wesleying poll in history. (Of course, it’s also been up for a while now—but not as long as some other polls.)

And so we put before you, our faithful readers, a history as telling as it is dramatic—that is, a history of Wesleying’s polls.

Wesleying’s poll has been a staple on the blog since its glorious debut in September of 2010, when it forced students to dig deep within to answer the question: “Are You Wesleyan?” Remarkably, only 144 respondents answered “Yes.”

But what have been the most voted-on polls in Wesleying history?  Here’s the top five, in order, with some of my own thoughts:

Poll closing times

Curious as to when the polls close in the battlegrounds? Wonder no more. Presenting Wesleying’s handy-dandy poll closing time map:

I realize some of the lighter colors on the west coast may be difficult to read, so I labeled those states individually with their closing times. Still, this should help.

[EDIT: I didn’t think to mention this earlier, but yes, all times listed are EST. Sorry if that caused any confusion. -Ben, 8:43]

WesAID looks for help winning competition

Toni Zosherafatain ’10 sends us word of a poll for a Wes-student made video on The People Speak site:

It’s a video made by Wesleyan Americans for Informed Democracy (wesAID), a group which seeks to promote awareness and fight various internationally-oriented issues. The video chronicles the Malaria Awareness Week we had in October. We won a grant back in October to put on a Malaria campaign and part of this competition and grant means that we had to make a video that shows other students how to put on a Malaria Awareness Week similar to ours.

If our video wins the competition, then we get another grant to use towards creating another awareness campaign at Wes! So help us win! The site to vote at is here, and we are listed under “Malaria Awareness Week, Wesleyan”.