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Spotted: Portraits Made of Chalk

Who’s the defiant art teacher who has been assigning students to complete their midterm portraiture project in chalkings around campus? Reveal yourself in the comments. Take a bow.

One of these was spotted on the steps near the entrance to PAC. Another was spotted on the pavement near the cemetery at the top of Foss. Not sure where the third was photographed. Not sure who the culprit is. Not sure who the subjects are. Not sure of anything. Open to explanations in the comments section.

Are there more around campus? Tell us.

Hey Seniors!

1) If you are going to opt out of your senior pass, the deadline is 11:59pm tonight. Send an email to seniorclass@wes. Don’t you wish they’d tell you what the senior week events were before making you choose whether or not you want to go?

2) Senior portraits! My parents (but not I, nor my housemate’s parents) got a postcard from the portrait studio. The sittings start on 2/27, and you have to sign up for an appointment online or by phone. You need a password to sign up online, and I’m a little uncomfortable posting a password here, so the phone number is 800-588-7681.