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AU: We Never Update the Points Calculator

Imagine: it’s the middle of the Fall 2020 semester. Corona continues to terrorize the nation. The most important election of our lives is on the horizon. The line for Wesshop wraps around the building. Due to all this strife, one important thing slips under the radar: the points calculator.

It’s October, all of a sudden you’ve become worried that you’ve gone to Swings one too many times. You go to Wesleying to check and yet… the calculator is out of date. How can you possibly figure out if you’ll manage to be fed up until Thanksgiving??? Do the math yourself? Never!!!

It’s Spring 2021. America never took COVID seriously, so quarantine is now the normal way of life. You desperately need to go to Wesshop; your food stores are running low and your roommate is looking at you a little too hungrily. But when you go to the points calculator, the words SPRING 2020 mock you. 

It’s 2022. In his second term, Trump was overthrown by Amazon, emboldened by increased tax breaks and a lust for power. You want to know how many points you have left before you go to the all-new-Amazon-Fresh-run Usdan Cafe. You don’t want to leave your room too often; Bezo’s drones are always watching. But the calculator continues to give you an error. 

It’s 20??. As you wander through the wasteland, the thought of a Chai Charger floats through your radiation-addled mind. If only you knew if you could afford it this week… if only… if only the Wesleying editors had remembered… 

But none of that’s going to happen because we did remember. You can calculate exactly how many points and meals you can spend each day for the rest of the semester by going to the link at the top of the website. You’re welcome. 

Audition for “Resist the End”

From Lucas San-Juan ’13:

Resist the End is a post-apocalyptic action film about a couple on the run from slave hunters and psychopathic soldiers. The roles we’re looking to fill are:

  • William Morgan: an ex-soldier and savvy outdoorsman just trying to make it to tomorrow.
  • Cass:an escaped slave who believes the past can come again.
  • Soldiers and slave hunters: the movie’s villains. Minimal dialogue, maximum screen presence. People with fighting experience are encouraged to audition, but experience is by no means required.

Auditions will be in Usdan 108 on

  • Sunday, September 16th from 4:30 to 9:00pm
  • Tuesday, September 18th from 9:00pm to midnight.