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Wesleyan Enrichment Days

Do you miss the good ol’ days of school field trips? Got some passions, hobbies, or truth bombs to share with tweens? Check out this invitation from Becca Brand ’17 and Lily Wittrock ’17:

girls make goop at green street

Scholars in Action – a new student group that brings tutors to local middle schools – is looking for Wesleyan students to participate in its first ever Wesleyan Enrichment Days on the afternoons of April 22 and May 5!

Sign up individually or as a group to lead an engaging 40-minute workshop on a topic you’re passionate about. Lessons could cover a wide range of interests – dance, drawing, chemistry, creative writing, environmental science and more! – as long as they’re designed for a young (and antsy) audience of 8-12 people.

Students are also needed to help lead campus tours, Q&As about college life, and more. If you’re interested in a career in education or just feel like frolicking on Foss with some hilarious preteens, then this is the low-commitment volunteer opportunity for you! Email ewittrock[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and rbrand[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for more info or to discuss activity ideas.

Tonight: Desperate Measures Improv Indicted on 12 Counts, Including…

…black-and-white postering, hosting events during my evening class, adding two people to the “To” field in email instead of one in “To” and another in “Cc”, jaywalking, forcing Mark Popinchalk ’13 to send in events, and more:

Work sucks, we know. But the weekend is almost here, and we all love a little laughter. So if you are prefrosh, frosh, soph, june, or even post thesis, you should make it to the Precome show! DM’s annual Wesfest show will be in the WestCo Lounge, from 8 to 9, Thursday April 12th.

Come laugh and get wet with us!

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