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Procrastination Destination: Mars


Are you about to graduate with a bullshit degree and no job? Are you horrified by how expensive rent is these days? Do you just want to leave it all behind? Have you considered life on Mars?

Seriously, though. Wanna go to Mars?

Mars One is a not-for-profit organization run by Dutch people (of all people) dedicated to colonizing Mars in 2023. They apparently will be able to do this only using technology which currently exists, because unlike other plans to send people to Mars, this does not include a return flight.

You may ask, what kind of maniac would volunteer for such a thing? The answer is this kind of maniac. Because, of course, all the application videos are available online for your viewing, rating, and commenting pleasure. In case you were in any doubt, the world is full of strange, strange people.

PostWes: Don’t Fear the Bubble Burst

This year, an enterprising senior by the name of Ross Gormley ’13 unveiled his brainchild: PostWes, a story-sharing project/Internet party designed to connect students and grads. I caught up with Ross over gchat this weekend to discuss his vision. (Pardon the erratic capitalization. They don’t call him ReneGade for nothing.)


Ross Gormley:  hey hey

Wesleying:  Hey, Ross! Thanks for agreeing to do this interview.

RG:  I’m so nervous–I’ve never done one through gchat. Is this better than being a wesceleb?

W:  No, it’s not. But you’ll be fine. Would you like to tell me about this new venture of yours?

RG:  ohh you mean postwes.com.

W:  Right…So what is PostWes?

RG:  It’s a website that I’ve been working on throughout the semester to increase transparency (everyone loves some good transparency) between undergraduate and postgraduate life.

W:  How does it increase transparency?

RG:  …to dodge your question, I’ve been trying to come up with a way of describing how the site works. and this is what i have… 

Informational Meeting for PostWes, a New Blog

Ross loves Scalia

Ross Gormley ’13 writes in with an opportunity for students who want to help to develop a new website for the Wesleyan community. He has also, once again and apropos of nothing, included a picture of Antonin Scalia:

PostWes is seeking students wishing to get experience designing/building/maintaining a blog. The blog is simple. Alumni submit their stories and undergraduates see what life after wes is like. The goal is to have PostWes be a valuable resource to current undergraduates while having successive waves of graduating students post their own stories.  PostWes and the Wesleyan TypeClub are seeking Comp Sci majors, graphic designers, bloggers, or curious students looking to contribute in anyway! We love all of you and your ideas!

The informational meeting will take place at Espwesso this Tuesday at 9pm.

Date: Tuesday, February 12
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Espwesso (Basement of Albritton)

Read the mission statement for the new blog after the drop: