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Power Update: Lights on High Street, Most of Church Street

An email sent out by Fran Koerting of Residential Life at 5:14 PM tonight (one of the few emails that the administration has sent back regarding the restoration of power) has revealed that power has been restored to most of campus. The email indicates that the “outages have been reduced” to only a few unlucky residences:

  • 142, 146, 168, 170, 182, and 192 Cross Street [EDIT, 2:16 AM, 11/4/11: According to the comments section, 146 Cross now has power!]
  • Knowles Avenue
  • 151 Church (International House)
The following residences have “partial power” – which can mean a variety of things, including outlets working while overhead lights don’t, lack of heat, some rooms out of power, etc.:
  • 202 Wash (Full/Writing House)
  • 230 Wash (Lighthouse/Interfaith House)
  • 240 Wash (La Casa)
While the email may be disappointing for residences of these places, it means a return of normalcy for students living on High Street (including DKE, Beta, Psi U, Eclectic, and Alpha Delt) and a return home for those evicted by the power outage and relocated to “alternative housing.” This email does not address whether 156 High now has hot water or heat; rumor has it that their boiler malfunctioned (or exploded, depending on who you ask) sometime around Monday. [EDIT, 2:16 AM, 11/4/11: 156 High has both heat and hot water.] At any rate, condolences to those who do not have power; we hope you’ll get it back as soon as possible. Read past the jump to see the full text of the email from ResLife: