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WesWELL discussion with free Typhoon dinner

WesWELL will be hosting a discussion on “The Myth of the Perfect Student”. Added bonus: free dinner from Typhoon!

Rebecca Broches ’08 writes:

Come and discuss Wesleyan culture around academics—the good and the bad (and the occasionally ugly). And eat free Typhoon dinner!

Join in on the second installment of WesWELL’s “Perfectibility Series with Dr. Davis Smith”. Biochem Professor Manju Hingorani, and Freshman class dean Noel Garrett will be joining the Peer Health Advocates and you to discuss the reasons and consequences that Wesleyan students (and college students in general) seem to believe that attaining “Perfect Student-hood” is possible. Study drugs, campus culture, time management skills etc. will be possible topics of conversation.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 5
Time: 6:30 PM
Location: Woodhead Lounge