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A Counterperspective: Celebrating 4/20 from my Dorm Window

Can you celebrate 4/20 without “protesting existing marijuana laws” on the hill?

grumpy cat - stayin' inside

The following article may be appealing to prefrosh who think all of Wesleyan is like this and are reacting like this, whether or not WesFest falls on 4/20.

Around noon on Saturday morning, as I took my first and nearly last steps out of Clark Hall on this most glorious holiday, the repugnant stench of weed began to attack my scent receptors. Walking by Foss on my way to Usdan brunch proved that I was already late for the party—the games had begun.

I had been proactive in my avoidance of the anticipated craziness. Not really, but it was a happy coincidence that we were planning a social program around my friend’s birthday, which was the day before. We had arranged for a projector and screen in order to play Super Smash Brothers Melee as a hall. Asking for the equipment and calling it a social program also got us money for pizza, which is awesome. Thanks, ResLife!

Thus, I left the dorm a second time, to get the giant screen and projector from Bennett Hall. This time I noticed the Whey Station chillin’ in the WestCo Courtyard and people baking in the sun on Foss (see what I did there?). I enjoyed the trippy musical accompaniment as I carried the heavy metal contraption back to my dorm. I entered Clark once more, never to venture out again.

Cool Kids Get Cooler

Only 27.2 percent of applicants to the Class of 2012 got in. Only 22 percent of applicants to the Class of 2013 got in. Only 20.5 percent of applicants to the Class of 2014 got in. Only 23 percent of applicants to the Class of 2015 got in (though more 2015 applicants accepted than expected, as we all know).  Now, the Class of 2016 is unseating us all with the most selective rate of admission yet: 19.7%.

The increase in selectivity isn’t just at Wesleyan, however.  The Ivy League reported that every school in the consortium except Brown and Columbia accepted a smaller percentage of applicants this year.  Harvard’s acceptance rate reached a new low of  5.9% and Yale accepted only 6.8%.  In our peer group, Williams accepted 16.7% and Tufts accepted 21.2%.

If you want to know the full details on 2016, check out the Class of 2016 Profile.  If you want to know the full creepy details on 2016, check out WesAdmits 2016.  The specific stats from the Class of 2016 Profile are more-or-less consistent with the current Wesleyan student body.  The characters, however, will always be unique.  Don’t pretend you’re not already creeping either, I seem to have two dozen Facebook friends in the group already.

[Business Insider][Thanks to  tipster #ahaa]

Recruiting Hosts for Admissions Overnight Program

The admissions office overnight hosting program needs students (especially freshmen) to sign up to host pre-frosh. The program runs Sunday – Thursday nights (no visitors on weekends), but typically only requires a commitment of one night every couple of weeks. Pre-frosh are matched with hosts based on academic and extracurricular interests.

Hosts are responsible for pre-frosh from 4:15 pm on the day they arrive until the following afternoon when they leave campus. Hosts are encouraged to take their pre-frosh to any classes or evening activities they attend during the visit.

Hosting pre-frosh is FUN, EASY, and a GREAT way to share the things you love most about Wesleyan with impressionable high school seniors who might become members of the class of 2016.

Come by the admissions office to fill out a hosting form!

Pre-Frosh Feature: Anders Dohlman, Technical Director and Set Designer

Wesleyan’s Second Stage is a completely student-run theater group on campus that puts on several shows per semester. These shows are directed, staffed, acted, and often even written by Wesleyan students.

Anders Dohlman ’15 is involved with a similar project in his hometown of Chapel Hill, NC. He is a member of the completely student-run theater company One Song Productions, which puts up five shows a year. This is pretty damn impressive, especially given that the theater’s board of seven directors consists entirely of high school students from high schools in the Durham-Chapel Hill area. Anders was on the board for the 2009-2010 season, and is on it again for the 2010-2011 season.

Pre-Frosh Feature: Adrian Simon and His Musical Endeavors

Wesleyan University certainly prides itself on its thriving music scene and we here at Wesleying hope that is at least one reason why Adrian Simon ’15–an 18-year-old musician and soon-to-be graduate of Riverdale’s Fieldston School–applied ED I (and got in!) to Wesleyan.

Adrian is perhaps best known, at least in the greater tri-state area, for performing “vocals / guitars / various keyboards” with the popular student band The Ivy League.  The irony all but kills us.  (The group also includes Alexander Beer, Dan Hockstein, and Drew Abramowitz–two high school seniors and a college sophomore respectively.)

The Ivy League’s eponymous album (its second and final one) is dropping on the intertubes today and is available to download for free here.  More after the jump!