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ABC News Senior Vice President Paul Mason

The Argus proudly welcomes back ABC News Senior Vice President Paul Mason ’77 for a dinner discussion this evening. He will candidly discuss ABC’s much-maligned handling of the Pennsylvania debate (you can watch a video transcript here) as well as recent events in the campaign including the ongoing fallout for Senator Obama from Reverend Wright and what Tuesday’s primaries mean for Senator Clinton.

There will be pizza.

Date: Tonight, May 8
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: PAC 422

A break from all of the Obama coverage

Disappointed with the large amount of Obama coverage on Wesleying, Anna Pachner ’09 sends us a video, hoping to grab some face-time for the other major candidate in the race for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton:

… It is up to me just as much as any of the [Wesleying] writers to make sure Hillary’s good points are well known also. An important analytical and somewhat non-propagandistic video is this one, where Sanjay Gupta points out the intricate differences between Hillary and Obama’s seemingly very similar health care plans.

I’m abroad in Greece right now, but I can only hope that my Wesleyan peers are educating themselves properly about all of the candidates and not relying solely on the Obama-dominated youth media.

Democratic Showdown Tonight

Probama? Fo’Clinton? Tonight might decide it all for the Democrats, with extremely contentious primaries being held in Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. If you’ve been following the race lately you know how intense it’s been, and in light of Barack’s 11 straight wins in the past month’s primaries, the pressure is on Hillary to quit if she doesn’t do significantly well in tonight’s contests. Texas and Ohio are treasure troves of delegates but have complicated primary rules, so it might not be resolved so easily.

Here’s Clinton making time to appear on the Daily Show last night:

And Obama Girl, Barack’s biggest fan, explaining her success and actual political leanings on Fox News with Geraldo Rivera:

Voting Vans, Verily

If you’re like many students on campus, you don’t pay particular attention to the e-mails marked “All Students On Campus.” Which means maybe you missed the e-mail that went out from Catherine Crimmins Lechowicz, Director of Community Service and Volunteerism. So– a run down:

Even though the polling location for all Wesleyan students registered to vote from campus in Middletown is within a few blocks (The Senior Center, 150 William Street near Red and Black), The Center for Community Partnerships will be indulging your laziness/helping out those who might not be able to get down to the Senior Center themselves.

According to the e-mail,

“Vans will leave every hour, on the hour, from the Center for Community Partnerships (167 High St) and every hour on the 10s from Usdan (Wyllys Ave. entrance). Students should come into the CCP to wait for the van and students at Usdan should wait in the vestibule area on the Wyllys Ave. entrance.

The shuttle will run from 10am – 6:10pm; so vans will run 10am (CCP); 10:10am (Usdan); 11am (CCP), 11:10am (Usdan), etc.”

Any questions, please contact Cathy Lechowicz, clechowicz AT wes or 860.685.2841.

Democracy Matters: hand ’em out

Democracy Matters would like you to print this small flier and hand it out to people around Middletown. Just in time for the primaries! Andrew Dermont ’09 writes:

We’re urging all Wesleyan students to pick up these flyers around campus and pass them along to anyone around Middletown.

Register to vote!

Democracy Matters has a table up in Usdan from 6-8 tonight for voter registration.

The Connecticut presidential primary is a closed primary, which means that only those registered as Democrats or Republicans will be able to vote in the respective primaries come February 5th. While it is too late to change your party affiliation, if you’re not affiliated with a party or are a new voter you have until February 4th at noon to register.

Make sure you’re part of the action, and register as soon as possible. The table in Usdan is as easy as it gets.