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Primal Scream @ Midnight

The night before finals (yeah, that’s tonight) is a night to scream. Jason Shatz ’14 was thoughtful enough to set up a Facebook event for the occasion:

‘Tis the season to scream! Some people scream over holiday shopping. Others scream about a pending apocalypse.

But here at Wesleyan, we scream about the monsoon of papers with pending due dates and exams that are scheduled within the next few days. The first ones are tomorrow, so you know what that means…

It’s time to scream your lungs out! Never mind quiet hours, we’re too stressed for that. Let’s engage in one more community gathering – the only chance for community-based stress relief this semester.

At midnight, come out of your study bunkers at Olin, SciLi, wherever you are. You know what to do!

Date: Monday, December 10 (okay, technically Tuesday, whatever)
Time: Gather at 11:55, scream at 12:00
Place: Olin steps (or anywhere)
Facebook event: Link

Photos: Primal Scream, Open Mouths

“Rando” from the Shoutbox writes in:

primal scream photos ?

Sure, I thought you’d never ask. Below: a few choice snapshots from Wesleyan’s biannual Primal Scream, which hit the Olin steps at midnight on Monday. Send your own pics to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org. Above: a brief video clip from the start of the scream. Also worth noting: click through to Wesleying’s YouTube channel to find a few brief video clips from Indoor Spring Fling 2012. Don’t be surprised if they’re dark and poorly lit, much like finals week.

[nggallery id=143]

Primal Scream @ Midnight

Finals begin tomorrow, so you know what that means tonight, and if you don’t, you should. If you’re in Olin, step outside at 11:56 or so. At midnight, scream your lungs out. Here’s a model from Howard Dean.

You can participate remotely from anywhere on campus—just make sure your car alarm doesn’t go off in the High Rise lot.

Date: Tonight
Time: Midnight
Place: Olin Steps
Why? Link.


Finals start at 7:00 pm tomorrow, weirdly enough, which dictates that primal scream take place tonight (technically tomorrow) at midnight. You can participate wherever you are by screaming your head off (cross-continental stress relief highly encouraged), but the main gathering will be on the steps of Olin at around 11:57.


When: Tonight, midnight

Where: Olin Steps

Why: cuz CBS News says so.



Primal Scream Tonight

From the shoutbox:

PRIMAL SCREAM TONIGHT MIDNIGHT OLIN STEPS! wesleying you oughta be ashamed for not announcing already.

Shame’s all mine. You know what to do.

Get ready to scream primally…

Because it’s time for that good old semesterly tradition of rage release, the Primal Scream!

Let out all your rage and anger and angst and frustration at midnight on Wednesday night just before the first day of finals. Wherever you are – outside of Olin Library, in your house on Fountain, abroad in Russia – let it all out.

What: Primal Scream
Where: Anywhere
When: The stroke of midnight on Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning)

Stressed much?

This feeling? Yeah, I guess you could call it panic.

PRIMAL SCREAM, tonight, midnight. Just step outside and holler.