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The First Eclectic Party: “Eclectic Party! Holy Shit. Where Am I? Who Are You? Eclectic Party!”

After a string of sold out, jam-packed, twitter-bathed shows, the very first actual Eclectic Party is upon us.

You may have seen a variety of posters on campus alluding to Sufjan Stevens/Prince. You may have been linked to an enigmatic, quasi-philosophical Facebook page. You may be going to Eclectic anyways this weekend because, as far as I can tell, that’s what people do this year.

Rest assured: This is a rave. A PURPLE RA(in)VE. There will be campus DJs and a surprise-guest-blast-from-the- past. Fun will be had.

Tickets are on sale online through the previously linked Facebook event. Eclectic members will also be selling tickets at Usdan during lunch tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

  •  What: The Party Formally Known As Purple Rain
  • Where: Eclectic
  • When: Friday, September 28th @ 10pm
  • Price: $5
  • Purple Rain is playing on Friday at the Film Series, isn’t it?: You’re absolutely correct, the entire Film Series calendar was organized around this party.
  • Facebook // Paypal 4 Tix

The Wesleyan Fucking Film Series is Showing Purple Fucking Rain

And Jurassic Park! And Vertigo! And… The Room????

You’ve been waiting with purple breath. The day has finally come.

No, not Freshmen Move-In Day (although that is happening right now. Our photos are forthcoming, but check out the excited faces of these wide-eyed freshmen!) It’s the unveiling of the first 2012-2013 Wesleyan Fucking Film Series Calendar! Click here for the full lineup. Most notably, we’re being treated to a showing of Prince’s 1984 cinematic extravaganza Purple Rain on September 28, because the Film Board finally realized that the Artist Formerly Known as the Goldsmith Family Cinema was constructed for literally no other purpose.

Other note-worthy highlights include Hitchcock masterpiece Vertigo (for the four or five students who haven’t taken Past on Film yet), dinosaur screamfest Jurassic Park, 2012 blockbuster The Avengers (all I can make out from the blurb is “come worship at the church of Whedon,” but that says enough), and epic spaghetti western Duck, You Sucker! (which probably fills the Film Series’ Sergio Leone quota for the academic year, denying my dream of seeing Once Upon a Time in America at the Goldsmith).

In the words of esteemed Film Board curator Danny Witkin ’13, “I fully endorse this calendar. This calendar’s record of the issues important to conservatives is unparalleled. It is the single best calendar to get our country back on track.” Click past the jump for the full Film Series calendar.