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Exclusive Footage: Wesleying’s Need-Blind Forum with President Roth

Our liveblog coverage of the event appears here. Scroll on for detailed notes and time stamps.

On Monday night, Wesleying hosted its first ever live forum: a Q&A session with President Roth regarding the University’s controversial decision to scale back need-blind. Impressively, over a hundred students showed up. Only a day after student protesters occupied a closed Board of Trustees meeting, this forum turned out to be more timely than any of us anticipated.

We now have video footage of the entire forum, courtesy of Sam Barth ’13, Lucas San-Juan ’13, and Wesleyan’s ITS staff. It’s long (a little over an hour), but if you missed the forum and are nonetheless interested, it’s well worth the viewing. If you’ve only got 15 or 20 minutes to spare, definitely consider jumping towards the end of the conversation—it gets a bit heated, and some of the most noteworthy exchanges take place past the 40-minute mark.

There is also Wesleying photo and liveblog coverage of the event here, plus a fairly extensive Argus overview of the week’s events here. Additionally, I’ve taken the time to notate much of the video, including time stamps for significant questions and memorable exchanges (excluding Roth’s 15-minute introduction). Those notes appear after the jump.