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Process Advisor Training

Nicole Updegrove ’14 wants to train you up:

Ever been written up had “a friend” who was written up for a judicial violation and didn’t know what to do?

The Student Judicial Board and Wesleyan Student Assembly are teaming up to offer Process Advisor training, in which you can learn about the judicial process and learn to be a resource for your fellow students. It should be informative and maybe even fun.

Trainings will take place Thursday from 7:15-8:45 and Friday from 4:00-5:30 in Usdan 108. You only need attend one.

Date: Nov 1st and Nov 2nd
Time: 7:15-8:45PM (Thu) and 4:00-5:30PM (Fri)
Place: Usdan 108

Process Advisor Training! Last one of the year (probably)!

In case you missed it last semester, there will be one more opportunity TOMORROW to be trained as a process advisor for the student judicial process. Process advisors serve as a resource to guide students through interactions with the Student Judicial Board. Come get trained to serve your fellow students and ensure a fair process!

Email Andrew Trexler ’14 at atrexler(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions you might have.

Date: Feb. 23
Time: 4:15PM
Place: Usdan 108

Process Advisor Training!

Not pictured: anything related to process advising.

Come join the Wesleyan Student Assembly, the Student Judicial Board, and the Dean of Students Office to get trained to be a process advisor!

Process Advising is a valuable resource which offers students going through Wesleyan’s student judicial process to

seek and gain guidance from their peers, faculty, coaches,or staff.  Trained Process Advisors educate students on the judicial process, answer students’ procedural questions and provide other support as needed during the disciplinary process.

If you’re interested in being a resource for you fellow students, please come to process advisor training tomorrow, Wednesday November 16th, from noon to 1pm, in Woodhead Lounge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Andrew Trexler ’14 at atrexler[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.