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Project No Red Zone

“The main goal of Project No Red Zone is to highlight and make-known to all students the resources available to survivors of sexual violence on campus.”

During lunch in Usdan for the past few weeks, folks from the WSA and others have been tabling about Project No Red Zone, an initiative that began last year as an effort to raise awareness about campus sexual assault and resources on campus to support survivors. The project also aims to help promote a culture of consent on campus.

In the Facebook event for Project No Red Zone, organizers of the event posted 8 action items that anyone on campus can do to help promote a culture of consent:

Cultivating a Culture of Consent: Project No Red Zone

“Consent. All the cool kids are doing it.”


This past weekend marked the halfway point of the “Red Zone”, or the first six weeks of school when students are statistically most vulnerable to sexual assault and violence.

I sat down with WSA President Rebecca Hutman ’17 and Vice President Nila Ravi ’17 (with a brief interjection by Lizzie Shackney ’17, who was also chilling in Pi) to find out more about the project and its trajectory for the rest of the six weeks and beyond.