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fire circles

Alexis Jimenez ’19 writes in:

Come see Wesleyan’s one and only fire spinning troupe, PROMETHEUS, as we show off our firey moves this Thursday at 7:30 PM on Foss Hill! Seating is very much not limited, so bring your friends, bring your prefrosh, bring your friends’ prefrosh! It should be a fine night, but bring warm clothing just in case.

Time: 7:30 PM
Where: Foss Hill

Prometheus WesFest Show TONIGHT


From Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein ’15:

Watch us do stupid things with fire!

Prometheus’ 15th annual WesFest show is happening tonight at 9 pm on
Foss Hill. Bring a blanket and a childlike sense of wonder as we do crazy stuff
with fire!

Check out facebook event here.

When: Tonight (April 16) at 9pm
Where: The bottom of Foss Hill
Cost: None, but bring warm clothes/blanket

It’s Sweater Weather: Night Picnic


From Alissa Meyer ’15: 

Dearest Wesleyan students,
It’s almost that time of year for awesome cozy sweaters! So, come on down to Alpha Delta Phi at 9 for an outside picnic with hot chocolate, snacks, games, and some fantastic people! Also, you’ll get to see a few tricks from the amazing and epic fire-spinning group, Prometheus! Wear your favorite sweater and bring your own mug for coffee or tea.
Date: TODAY, Wednesday, September 18th
Time: 9-11:30pm
Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street
Bring: Your own mug for coffee or tea

Light My Fire

Good news, everyone! Bwair Wauwie ’12 has been hard at work with a tr33t 4 u:

Lions, bellydancers, ninjas, and more! A theatrical fire spinning
performance like nothing you’ve seen before.

Sponsored by Prometheus and the Adelphic Educational Fund.

Scenes From Bandfire: Blooming Youth and Prometheus

Local photo maestro Mike Nakhla ’13, whose professional photography has graced the pages of this blog more than once before (tying the knot? Mike does weddings, too), sends in a few fantastic shots from yesterday’s Bandfire on the hill. Performances by student groups included an eclectic mix of underclassmen faves (sup, Cheenis & the Romp?), former Awesomefest projects (including Dog Years and Blooming Youth), and Prometheus.

These images are of Prometheus, which is not actually band, and Blooming Youth, a new project by the talented Emma Daniels ’13 and Alex Lough ’13. They sing American folk songs, a few originals, and a few selections from the Sacred Harp songbook.  As Daniels explains, “Alex is an ethnomusicology major, and he spent the last year in Ireland singing Sacred Harp, so we got together this semester for Awesomefest and started writing, incorporating our own sound into Civil War era folk music… and the Blooming Youth emerged.” Say what you will about Awesomefest—beneath all the Elmo costumes, it does spur creativity.

[nggallery id=118]

Brometheus WesFest Show!

It’s that time of year again. Here’s the quick and dirty from Jordan Gratch ’13:

Prometheus, Wesleyan’s fire arts and object manipulation performance group, will be putting on a show at the base of Foss Hill. It will include routines using poi, staff, rope dart, fire fans, hula hoping, fire eating, and more.  Bring yourselves and your prefrosh.

Date: Friday, April 15th
Time: 8:30-9 PM
Place: Foss Hill
I’ve never seen that before!: The Prometheus YouTube Channel

Prometheus Recruiting

Are you curious about fire spinning? Do you just like fire? Do you just like spin-y things? Did you see the Prometheus show last night? Are you interested in joining?

Then contact kprosise@wes or come to the first Prometheus practice this Monday night at 7PM in Butterfields courtyard. (If its raining, you should probably just email her).

Prometheus Show Tonight at the CFA Kickoff

Wesleyan’s own fire spinning group, Prometheus, got moved out of their beginning of the year, Common Moment show because of Earl, but fret not, because tonight, in the CFA, the show goes on. So come by the CFA a little bit before 8 PM TONIGHT and catch the first Prometheus show of the year. There will be lots of fire, excitement, and new tricks to show. The show will only last about 15-20 minutes, so come on time! For those of you who have never seen the fire arts or a Prometheus show, you should definitely come see what it’s all about.