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Update: 200 Church Evacuated

For anyone who hasn’t heard, 200 Church has been evacuated and the building is currently locked. Rumor has it that the building has gotten somewhat chilly. Rumor also has it that the building may stay chilly for several more days. According to ResLife, all residents were notified in person; however, other sources indicate that some residents were notified by word-of-mouth, or not at all. Residents, call PSafe (860 685 2345) with any questions.

Rumor also indicates that there is now a waiting list for dorm lounges for coldpersons to sleep in, but ResLife has assured me that this is quite false. Call ResLife by 11pm tonight to have them place you in a lounge. The normal ResLife number appears to be out of commission; call PSafe and ask them to transfer you to ResLife.

Stay warm everybody, and good luck tomorrow. May the Force be with you.

Oh Snap: Mapping the Student Response to Beta-Gate

Since crash last reported on the whole Beta-gate situation, there’s been a whole lot of chatter ‘round these here cyber-space parts. The comments section on that post was completely balls out with emotion (as well as sarcasm), and the ACB’s been in a flurry with opinions being volleyed from left and right. Chatter has even spilled over to the pages of the Argus, where the editorial as well as my esteemed colleague lesanjuan spoke out against the issue. Of course, it’s problematic to hold up these specific sources and take them to be representative of the student body’s general discourse – what with the ACB being the seedy Chlamydia-filled internet back-alley it is and the total amount of written responses being miniscule in number compared to the actual number of Wesleyan students.

But it cannot be denied that the voices making themselves heard do raise some rather pressing issues that have concerned us before and should concern us now. Whether those voices fairly represent the views of the entire student body or not, these are issues that affect all of us both in terms of our conduct and in terms of the ideals we’re apparently supposed to hold, if not now then eventually.

Read on?

Play a Part in PSAFE-MPD-Student Relations


Want to influence the relationship between Public Safety, the Middletown Police Department, and Wesleyan students? Want to have your opinion on Public Safety policy heard? Apply to serve on the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)!

Check out the WSA blog for more details.

Security Update from Public Safety

Public Safety sends their latest campus-wide alert, email sent at 6:21 a.m. this morning:

The suspect in yesterday’s fatal shooting has not been apprehended. Based on the advice of local authorities, Wesleyan instructs all students to remain in their residences. Faculty and staff should not come to their offices unless otherwise instructed. We will be sending information soon in regard to food and other administrative services.

Please remain cautious. The police investigation continues, and we remain in contact with them about all developments. We will send information via the usual channels as it becomes available.

WTNH has aired investigation developments in their morning newscast. Police continue to search for the suspect, and have yet to disclose information regarding the motel search that took place late last night. Newscast Video Link

Usdan/ResLife Alert: Plant Thief Strikes Again

Not to strike significant fear into those living with plants, but… Save your Significant Others, Children, and Wildlife.

Fran Koerting, Director of Residential Life, recently sent out an email to all ResLife Staff(@lyris.wesleyan.edu) to be on the lookout for a plant and plant thief. While I am completely unrelated to ResLife, and so sadly was not a recipient, I felt like sharing it…

“The Usdan University Center has had a second plant stolen this year.  If a plant that matches this description should show up in one of the student residences, please let us know.  Thanks for your help.
According to Frank Marselli [Facility and Events Manager for the Usdan Center, whose name is actually spelled “Marsilli”], It is a 6’ Mass Cane plant in a Golden Bronze fiberglass container.  The plant itself has four large bark covered stems.  From only the top portions of each stem emerge several tufts of large green leaves.  It was taken from the Gregory Family Lounge area on the first floor of Usdan.  It was here on Friday, but not here this morning.   The plant’s value was $145, and the container’s cost was $95.”

Rumor has it the plant was approached in its residence by several people wearing hoodies. Be on the lookout for groups of people in hoodies carrying their 6-foot tall, hoodie-wearing, camouflaged “friend” around campus; they may be costing you and 239 of your Facebook-friends $1 each in tuition. As if the upcoming GRS process wasn’t enough for ResLife to worry us about…


What: Burglary/Theft
When: Last weekend, between Friday, April 3rd and Monday, April 6th
Where: Usdan – Gregory Family Lounge area

For real though: People stole two large plants out of Usdan without anybody noticing. Not to overreact, but let this remind you that you should report it to p-safe if you see this sort of theft (or fkoerting@wes if it is this plant) and you should look out for your own stuff; while odds are high that nobody is going to try to steal your Bonsai Tree, remember that we don’t have constant surveillance and clean break-ins can happen.

And (assuming it isn’t part of well-executed and worthwhile prank), try to keep your Usdan thefts to silverware and the occasional chair.

P-Safe Alert: Attempted Mugging on Pearl

Not to strike excessive fear into the hearts of students living at the edges of campus, but there was an attempted mugging at gunpoint on Pearl Street last night. From this morning’s P-Safe alert:

Public Safety would like to inform the community that on Friday 12/5/08 at approximately 1:00am a student was approached outside their residence on Pearl St by an individual who began asking the student questions about where they lived and what was in his pockets. The individual then attempted to strike the student and a scuffle ensued.

The subject got to his feet and pointed a handgun at the student and demanded they empty their pockets. A vehicle then approached the area and the subject fled. The student went to a friend’s house and later called Middletown Police. The student did not receive any injuries.

It should go without saying – Wesleyan is physically not a bubble. Be vigilant, avoid walking alone at night if you can, and if you do, at least be aware of the possibility of danger.

Meet PSafe and MPD officers tomorrow

Because we all know it’s good to have friends in a pinch.

Plus, this will be a great opportunity to learn about what PSafe and MPD do here on campus, discuss policy and enforcement issues, and hear about what a career in law enforcement is like, all in a relaxed, snack-and-coffee-filled setting.

Who: The Wesleyan community, including PSafe, MPD, and WSA members
What: Open Community Forum
Where: Daniel Family Commons, Usdan 3rd Floor
When: Thursday, 7pm

P-Safe & MPD to host forum for students

The WSA’s Community Outreach Committee (COCo) has been working with Public Safety and the Middletown Police Department, and has set up a forum for students to sit down with P-Safe and the MPD and ask them questions. P-Safe and the MPD will also discuss their jobs, as well as policy and enforcement issues, which—as we all know after the Fountain debacle—are critically important to student life at Wesleyan.

Date: Thursday, Dec. 4
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons

Shooting at Major League Barbershop

View Larger Map

Helicopters have been circling LoRise and HiRise for the past twenty minutes. No specific details yet: students saw P-Safe telling children and their caretakers in Traverse Square to clear out for safety reasons, because there was just a shooting.

[edit I: 6:35 pm] The shooting took place at Major League Barbershop, at the intersection of Williams and Broad streets (map above). Eyewitness News says that:

“three or four black men wearing red and black entered the barbershop, shot the person, then fled. This isn’t the first time this barbershop has seen gunfire. In 2005, 26-year-old Marcus Perry opened fire at the business.”

Shit! And I have such fond memories of my nonviolent MLB head-shave freshman year.

[edit II: 7:06 pm] Looks like Wesleyan picked the right day to start testing the phone/text security alerts – I just got a text message, robo-call from Dean Mike, and email about the incident with the following info, as well as worried phone calls from three separate family members who assumed I was there and barely escaped with my life:

Middletown Police has notified Public Safety that a shooting occurred off campus on William St between Broad and Main streets at approximately 5:25pm today 10/1/08. 5-7 individuals fled the area and several possible subjects have been stopped. There are no Wesleyan community members believed to have been involved in this and Public Safety has deployed several officers in the area while Middletown Police continue their search for suspects.

Brrrr! Probably not the best day for Middletown bar night. Although from my ostensibly safe two-block distance from the MLB crime scene, I will say it is pretty funny that the alleged perpetrators were wearing Wesleyan colors. More details as they come.

[edit III: 9:51 pm]
P-Safe update:

Middletown Police with the assistance of Public Safety and State Police helicopters have completed the search of the area for possible suspects in this incident and there is no imminent threat to the Wesleyan community. Middletown Police are continuing their investigation into the shooting of one individual and anyone with any information is asked to contact them at 860-344-3200.

Also, Middletown Eye says that the only damage was one man shot in the leg, who was taken to the hospital. So you can tell your parents that yeah, there was a gang shooting two blocks off campus, but at least nobody’s dead.

Photo below from Ed McKeon, at the scene earlier today: