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Participate in Psych Study on Bilingualism

Do you speak better spanish than I do? Almost certainly. But are you bilingual? Carina Kurban ’14 wants to know:

Bilingual in English and Spanish?
Want $10 cash?
Participate in an online Psych study on bilingualism and get paid for procrastinating!
Find out your eligibility by completing this short survey.
Contact bilingualismstudy[at]wesleyan[dot]edu for details.

Deadline: Saturday April 27th
Click: Here
Make: $10

Hickeys of Brunch

Triggadale resident Penina Kessler ’15, along with G D-S ’15, just created a Wesleyan-specific tumblr called Hickeys of Brunch. Says Penina of her Usdan voyeurism:

It’s a project for my Human Sexuality Psych 235 class–I’m tracking fluctuations in season and weekend. Everyone is asked before their picture is taken and allowed to approve the picture before it’s uploaded.

To help Penina on her way to a liberal arts degree, you can probably e-mail her with pics of your bruised neck or find her scoping people’s necks out with her camera phone during Usdan brunch. More hickeys after the jump.

Psychology Friendship Study

Do you have friends who look like you (especially on the U.S. census)? The Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Department of Psychology wants to give you money:

We are looking for students who participate in our Friendship Study!

• $5/participant for completing a 45minute survey in
Judd Hall.
• To participate, you and your friend (of the same
biological sex and ethnicity) must sign up for the
study as a pair.

If you are interested, please contact
(and have your friend also contact)

If this sounds like your thing, please contact the lab by March 12th.

Visual perception and cognition study

the brain!

From Rachel Santiago ’12:

Hey all! The Cognitive Development Lab is running a visual perception and cognition study and is need of participants!

Appointments are available this Friday (12/9), Monday (12/12), and Tuesday (12/13). If you’re interested in earning $5 for half an hour of your time (and you know you need an extra $5 for that finals week caffeine habit), contact Elizabeth Chase at erchase(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or 860-685-3588.

Date:   Dec. 9 – Dec. 13
Time:   9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Place:  Yellow Lab (2nd floor of Judd)
Pay:   $

Participate in Friendship Survey Study and receive $5!

Dear students,

We (Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Psychology Department) are looking for students who can participate in our study on friendship. Each participant will be paid $5 for completing a 30-minute survey in Judd Hall. To participate, you and your friend (of the same biological sex) must sign up for the study as a pair, but you don’t need to come to the study together.

If you are interested, please contact (and have your friend also contact) friendstudy2010(friends!)gmail(friends!)com.

Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Department of Psychology
Research Assistant
Feifei Wu

Date: Now – Nov. 10
Time: Any time is the best time to be friends!
Place: Judd Hall
Cost: $-5

Friendship pays…literally! Kooloolimpah!

PAID Psych Study

Another psych study! Psych majors in the house raising the roof!…… anyway:

Looking for a little extra cash? Earn $7 by participating in a study on reading and eye movements. The study will take less than 45 minutes. You must be a Wesleyan student and a native English speaker. For more info or to sign-up for a session, email eyelab[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

You should do the running man while you cabbage patch all the way over to Judd.

Study on Student Life at Wes

Want to help out your classmates by taking a quick and easy survey? Matt Tannenbaum ’10, Sherry Cho ’10, and Leora Moreno ’10 are looking for latino/a participants to fill out a survey for their psychology class. Anyone who identifies as latino/a can fill it out! Send an e-mail to mtannenbaum[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and the link will be sent to you. Thanks.

Date: Dec. 1 – Dec. 7
Place: Internet