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Psychology Friendship Study

Do you have friends who look like you (especially on the U.S. census)? The Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Department of Psychology wants to give you money:

We are looking for students who participate in our Friendship Study!

• $5/participant for completing a 45minute survey in
Judd Hall.
• To participate, you and your friend (of the same
biological sex and ethnicity) must sign up for the
study as a pair.

If you are interested, please contact
(and have your friend also contact)

If this sounds like your thing, please contact the lab by March 12th.

Segregation and Integration at Wesleyan

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and have finally gotten the chance to do it. These past 4 years at Wes, I’ve heard a lot about diversity and how segregated or integrated we are. Everyone seems to have an opinion and people disagree all the time, but it is difficult to get a sense of how Wesleyan students in general feel about these issues and whether one side of the debate is simply more vocal than the other side.

To try to get a sense of students’ perceptions, I have created a survey titled “Segregation and Integration at Wesleyan University.” It is part of a final project for my psych class, but I also intend it to be part of my contribution as a Wesleying blogger. I have committed myself to discussing the results of the survey in a Wesleying post in the coming weeks, which I think will be a good opportunity for people to discuss these issues in an open forum.

Here is the survey link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SegregationIntegrationWesleyan

Please take the survey! It takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Whether you care about segregation and integration or not, it is important for your perspective to be reflected in the survey results.