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wesleyaning pest for hemmes

’bout time! Hermes, Wesleyan’s “magazine of political, critical, and creative thought”, “longest running progressive publication”, “second-largest phallic object on campus”, “quarterly journal of biblical hermeneutics”, and “, is accepting submissions for its first issue of the school year. The collective speaks once more:

Look around you.
This is a moment.
There are lots of moments.
But this is a moment.
History or whatever.
Hermes wants to hear about it.
Hermes wants to read about it.
Hermes wants to be it.
Think about your life and whatsgoingon around you.
Submit to Hermes: wesleyanhermes[a]gmail[d]com
Deadline Thursday November 29th.
Hermes loves you.

Contact: wesleyanhermes(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: This Thursday, the 29th
Make Sure To: Write that down in your copy book now.
I Just: Rediscovered the old Hermes WordPress. Look at it.

“Underrepresented Voices” Music ‘Net Zine Interest Meeting

From rebel grrrl Emily Ibarra ’13:

Emily Ibarra ’13 and a few of her friends are starting a new music zine, written and designed entirely by girls, discussing news and issues of the “underrepresented voices in music.” We will be posting issues online twice a month, each including concert reviews, emerging artist features, interviews with musicians/ music bloggers/industry folk, and op-ed pieces discussing current events in the music world. We would love to have anyone and everyone who has something to say/draw/design/ express to be a part of this, so if you’re interested please email Emily at eibarra(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. Our first meeting to discuss web layout and the premiere issue will be held NEXT WEDNESDAY TODAY FRIDAY, September 28th, at 5:15pm, @ 23B Vine. We hope to see you there!

Date: Friday, September 28th
Time: 5:15 pm
Place: 23B Vine
Cost: Free

First Hangman’s Lime Meeting

From Molly Hanessian ’13 / We witness a new type of literary scene:

Like poetry? Come to the Hangman’s Lime’s first meeting! The Hangman’s Lime is Wesleyan’s only all-poetry literary magazine. We meet once a week to discuss submissions, and put out one issue every May. If you have any interest, come to the first meeting to learn more!

Date: Tomorrow, September 24
Time: 4:15pm
Place: Albritton 103

Call for submissions to “Home”!


Aditi Kini ’12 wants you to submit to your parents Home, a new magazine

Have you ever been abroad? Have your conceptions of “home” ever been challenged or formed by contact with foreign cultures? Are you an international student? Are you a world-traveler?

“Home,” a new online magazine at Wes, is coming out with its first issue before the semester ends. We’re looking for any

  • artwork
  • photography
  • poetry
  • fiction, and
  • nonfiction

that addresses the concerns of “Home.” Our theme: across cultures.

Submit by noon, this May 3rd to wesleyanhome[at]gmail[dot]com.

If you would like to be involved in the publishing process, let us know as well!

Hangman’s Lime Seeks Cover Submissions

Corey Dethier ’12 sends in word about an opportunity for photographers on campus? Wait, am I allowed to call him Corey “Big Bird” Dethier ’12 or is that just frostedmoose‘s thing?

Take black and white photos? Want them to be featured on the cover of a poetry magazine? Hangman’s Lime (Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine) is looking for a black and white picture to use for its cover.

Photos should probably not be close-ups of a person; otherwise, most things will be considered. Please send submissions tohangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com in the next week.

Due date: Next week
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com

Tip to Hangman’s Lime: check out Black and WTF when you get the chance. It’s really something.

frostedmoose [8.24pm] – It’s a frostedmoose thing. Also, it’s Corey “I’ve Been a Copy-Editor, like, forever” Dethier ’12.

Submit to The Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies

Isabella Litke ’12 wants to publish you, but no more than 10,000 w0rds (they check these days—there’s technologies for that!):

The student-run Undergraduate Journal of Social Studies (UJSS) is accepting submissions for the fall issue. We accept papers written in any of the social sciences; interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged. Please submit papers between 1,500 and 10,000 words, written during your time at Wesleyan. The fall submission deadline is Thursday, November 22nd. Send papers as Word documents to ujsswesleyan(at)gmail(dot)com.

Again, due date is November 22. Read more about the UJSS, or check out its first 2011 volume, here.

SWERVE(D) Zilkha Show: Call for Submissions

From Carlos Sanchez ’14:

Swerve(d).org is gearing up for its first student art exhibition and WE WANT YOUR SUBMISSIONS! Send a digital copy of your piece (with a title and dimensions) to hello(at)swerved(dot)org. 2D, Photo, and 3D only, folks.

We will be collecting submissions from now till October 26th. The exhibit will take place at the Zilkha South Gallery on November 7th.

Questions? Concerns? Hit us up at hello(at)swerved(dot)org.

Unlocked Seeks Assistant Writing Editor

Since 2008, thanks to fondling founding fathers Yannick Bindert ’10 (right, not naked) and Ben Kuller ’10 (not right, also not naked),  Unlocked Magazine has been livening up the not-so-sexy world of Wesleyan publications with an unbridled glimpse at college sexuality. The popular sexzine, according to the Hartford Courant, “treads between artful and graphic.” (“‘This is not your sketchy uncle’s wank rag,’ the editorial board warned in the debut issue.”) It even made the local news that one time (and yeah, of course there was the obligatory Gawker-has-some-weird-grudge-against-Wesleyan-and-no-one-really-knows-or-cares-why post).

But I still think Wesleying’s Adam summed it up best, noting that Unlocked really just “falls into the category of ‘another student magazine that focuses on things students like to do’ . . . in this case, each other.”

Its founders have graduated (PSYCHE), and Gawker’s editors have apparently moved on with their lives, but Unlocked’s still going strong—and seeking a writing-savvy (and preferably not genophobic) underclassman to take on the role of Assistant Writing Editor. Details after the jump, via Elizabeth S. ’12:

Method Magazine Meeting

Christian Bachrach ’13 rights inn:

Method Magazine will be holding its first meeting this Wednesday night. This is an open meeting for anyone wishing to contribute to the blog or Spring publication. We are looking for new writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. Method Magazine wants you, so bring a friend. [Editors’ note: Apparently they want you—and your friend? Clarification possible, though not guaranteed, when you go to the meeting.]

  • Date: Wednesday, September 22
  • Time: 9:00 PM
  • Place: PAC (the artist formerly known as Harriman Hall) 002