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The Shapiro Creative Writing Center Exists

Email irode[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with a FABULOUS NAME for  animal-cracker-filled bear-- and like the Shapiro FB page-- and if your name is the best, you'll win a prize!

Like the Shapiro FB page and message us with a FABULOUS NAME for animal-cracker-filled bear and if your entry is the best, you’ll win a prize! [You can like the Shapiro Center on Facebook to stay updated here.] —Professor Bloom

In 2009, two alums, Shonni Silverberg ’76 and John Shapiro ’74 donated approximately one shit-ton (followed by another $3 million pledge last year march) to establish the Shapiro Creative Writing Center at Wesleyan. We should all send them a thank-you note, because even though a young entity on campus, the Shapiro Center is wonderful. In regard to the second gift:

“We were gratified that the university moved quickly and got this program launched and established,” Shapiro said. “I’ve had good feedback from people both at Wesleyan and elsewhere. It has generated a bit of a buzz.”

Bit of a buzz, yes. Enough of a buzz, no. More on what you can do at Shapiro after the jump!

Shapiro Writing Center Access


From the folks over at the Shapiro Creative Writing Center:

Did you know that if you’re enrolled in a creative writing course, you can access the chillest study space on campus? Shapiro, located at 167 High (the corner of Church and High), is here for you!

For access, email irode[at]wesleyan[dot]edu with the info below.

1. Name
3. Name of the creative writing course you’re enrolled in this semester

Spread the word!

Podcasts, Pug, and Pennsylvania: A Weskid’s Journey to Detroit

i gave into his charms. unsafe driving.

 It’s that time again. The snowiceclusterfuckworstwhatareyounewengland has been shoveled. All (most of) my friends have left Middletown. This cute little pug is excited for adventure. I’m busting out the Red Bull and NPR’s entire library of podcasts and heading to Detroit. Best part? I’m liveblogging the entire thing.