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“______ Fall Back”: On Concert Culture, Moshing and (Un)Safe Spaces

Almost three years ago exactly, I showed up to my first Eclectic concert, as a wide-eyed, naive pre-frosh, a total stranger to the “college music scene.” There was loud, thrashy music coming from the ballroom, where a small crowd was gathered. While dancing wildly around with all these strange older cool college kids, I thought to myself, “Wow! I am actually doing this. I am a skinny, lanky dude moshing! And it feels great! And I should totally come here and do this more!” And the rest was, as they say, history.

PNK@DKE – This Saturday!

It’s back. 9 punk bands. 2 stages. Round robin style. No breaks, just mayhem. Get ready for an awesome non-stop punk extravafuckingganza.
Here’s the lineup:
  • Cum Tissue (Wes)
  • The Parents (Wes)
  • Trouser Filth (Wes)
  • Honeysuck (Smith)
  • Beat the Grave (Wes)
  • 2 Ton Bug (New Haven)
  • Miami Heat (Wes)
  • White Suns (NYC)
  • Lemonpussy (Wes)
The destruction starts at 9:00 pm SHARP. It’s FREE.
Here is a video of The Creeps (RIP) playing at last year’s show.
  • Date: Saturday, April 30
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Place: DKE
  • Cost: Free!
  • Facebook Event: Here