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Puppets, Family, Slamily: Things Happened This Weekend

This wonderful photo completely sums up Avenue Q. We borrowed it from Andy Ribner ’14 at the Argus. 1470323_642176665834299_1848190613_n

An editor’s note from Gabe: 

Here are the events this past weekend that this post could not cover: Samsara at Crowell Concert Hall, An Intimate Party Experience at WestCo, “The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano” in Memorial Chapel, Greedy Lying Bastards at Downey, Magic Man at Art House, Chrome Sparks at Eclectic, Freestyle Rap Battle at WestCo Cafe, Stand Clear of the Closing Door, The Palm Beach Story, and Fruitvale Station at the Film Series, Feministing at PAC, Ricordati di me at Fisk, Zongo Junction at 200 Church, Wesleyan Experimental Music Festival at Russell House, Gamelan at World Music Hall, Improv Comedy Tri-Show in the Nics lounge, and probably other things. (If you want us to cover more of these things, then maybe you should think about joining the Wesleying staff. Just saying.) (Also, here’s separate coverage on Wes Thinks Big.)

On any given weekend at Wesleyan University, a lot of stuff happens. Honestly, it’s the biggest problem of my undergraduate experience that I can’t actually attend everything I’d love to. So, you see what you can and hear from other people how everything else went. 

I asked Wesleying staffers to attend one of the many theater or performance events going on this past weekend, between November 21st and November 23rd, and give them some proper coverage. These are the events they chose, and these are their observations, critiques, compliments, and impressions. If you want to take something from this post, it’s this: Leave your dorm room and attend something. It’s worth it, and the students here are damn talented. You might just enjoy yourself.

Audition for Avenue Q

Lucy obviously copied my VMA outfit…

Avenue who? Avenue Q! From Hannah “DJ Hannah Rimm” Rimm ’15:
From the folks who brought you Spring Awakening and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, in cooperation with Second Stage, comes a raunchy puppet musical! Audition to be part of a cast that includes Lucy the Slut, Christmas Eve, and Gary Coleman. Try out this Saturday and Sunday in the Memorial Chapel Rehearsal Room. For the audition please prepare a short song and monologue (preferably comedic). Sign up for an audition time on Facebook or at this link. Questions can be directed to slmartin(at)wes.
Date/Time: Saturday 9/7 from 2-5 and Sunday 9/8 from 6:30-9:30
Place: Memorial Chapel Meeting/Rehearsal Room

Costume Shop Job Opportunity

Is fashion your passion? Can you figure out what sort of theatrical production people are putting on just from the costumes they’re requesting? Do you like puppets? The Costume Shop has the perfect gig for you:

The Wesleyan Costume Shop is hiring!Do you love to sew? Do you need a job? Then apply to work at Wesleyan’s costume shop!Student employees will work to create costumes for theater and dance department productions. This will not only include sewing, but also other types of crafting – this year we have dyed fabric, made masks and puppets, and refurbished antique Javanese hats. Each worker also spends a portion of their weekly hours working in the costume collection. Responsibilities in the collection include checking out costumes to customers, sending costumes out for dry cleaning, and keeping track of student charges.

Tragical Mirth – A History of the Atlantic Ocean

Jenna Weinstein ’14 manages to combine your interests in the environment, maritime history, and puppets in one fell swoop:

Interested in environmental education and awareness? What about maritime history? Or better yet, PUPPETS?

Well then come see the first ever work-in-progress showings of “Tragical Mirth – A History of the Atlantic Ocean” TOMORROW and Saturday in the CFA Hall, to see how your three favorite things can all possibly exist in one engaging live performance.

Produced by Theater Department Artist in Residence Leslie Weinberg and her company Puppetsweat Theater, “Tragical Mirth” examines the history of the Atlantic Ocean and the human impact on environmental resources. Each performance will be followed by a talk-back session with the creators to discuss the themes and content of the show. The production explores performance as a medium for educating and inspiring action, so we need your feedback to create the most informative and powerful production we possibly can. Hope to see you there!

Dates: Tonight, March 1, and Tomorrow, March 2
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: CFA Hall
Cost: Free

“Performance Now” Film Series: Other Worlds

From Stratton Coffman ’14:

Join us for a program this Thursday evening that pairs films made by Daria Martin and Laurie Simmons, two artists who break down the boundaries between dance, visual art, and music, in work that shares a highly aestheticized exterior belying more complex and disturbing content. The elegant work of British artist Daria Martin—”In the Palace” (2000), “Loneliness and the Modern Pentathlon” (2004-5), and “Harpstrings & Lava” (2007)—presents the human body as a mechanized and abstract container for rich emotions, composed with the eye of a painter for two-dimensional surfaces and the mind of a filmmaker for visceral three-dimensional perspectives. Laurie Simmons, best known for her large-scale puppet-based photographs from the 1980s, made her directorial debut with “The Music of Regret” (2006), a three-act musical featuring actress Meryl Streep that uses puppets to enact tales of ambition, disappointment, love, loss, and regret, suggesting the darker side of domesticity, and the fragile ecology of everyday life.

Date: Today, November 15th
Time: 7pm
Place: Powell Family Cinema
Cost: Free

Senior Thesis Film Seeks Puppeteers

The one and only Michael Steves ’13 is needs people that can control smaller people:

Have you ever made or operated puppets? If so, your skills are needed! I am looking for several talented people to make and operate puppets for my senior thesis film, titled “Tony in Spectaculand”. The film is about a gritty, beleaguered police officer who has to rescue his daughter from a child-like wonderland after she flees the drudgery of the real world.

We are hoping to include several fantastical puppet creatures in the film, similar in style to those in The Dark Crystal (though much more low-key). Email me at msteves(at)wesleyan(dot)edu if you are interested.

Contact: msteves@wes

Dan Hurlin’s Disfarmer

Perhaps you’ve seen the photographs in Zilkha South, or perhaps you had your own portrait taken at the opening…well now you can see a portrait of the portraitist, in puppeteer Dan Hurlin’s Disfarmer, opening Friday night and continuing on Saturday. The work is a cutting-edge puppet theater piece (not your average Punch and Judy) exploring the inner and outer worlds of Disfarmer the man (who was a mysterious and notoriously crotchety person). The piece asks the question, “How could a man who openly disdained his fellow citizens portray them with such compassion?”

Featuring the American style of “tabletop” puppetry, projections of Disfarmer’s photographs and a sound score with haunting music from antique recording technologies, re-contextualized and mixed with modern sampling techniques, the show looks to be a sweet multimedia experience, not to be missed if you’re at all into performance that stretches the limits of convention…and puppets. I’ll just say that there are tons of cool props and the puppets seem more like works of sculpture than what I usually think of when I think puppet (which is Eureka’s Castle).

Date: Friday, 10/16 and Saturday 10/17
Time: 8 pm
Location: CFA Theater
Tickets: $8 for Wes students, $18 for seniors/Wes faculty & staff/non-Wes students, $22 general

“Rage”, Experimental Puppet Show at ’92 Theater


“Rage”, an original production directed by Mary Longley ’10 and Katie Shelly ’09, is on at the ’92 Theater all Wesfest weekend:

In ancient times it was believed that the universe was forged out of a chaotic and violent clash among many angry gods. “Rage” is an original production based on the Enuma Elish, a Babylonian creation myth. The dark and dramatic tale is retold through experimental puppetry, live original music and dance. recipient of the J.P. Adler Memorial Grant.

Thursday, Apr. 16, 9 p.m.
Friday, April 17, 9 p.m.
Saturday, Apr. 18, 2 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Patricelli ’92 Theater

Bread and Puppet Theater at Usdan

27 Dirt Cheap Money Dances, from the Bread and Puppet Theater:

Bread and Puppet Theater is an extraordinarily radical political troupe started in the 60’s by a German immigrant, Peter Schumann, know for its puppetry, free bread, ritual, protest, and community involvement.

The show is at 12:15pm this Saturday in the Daniel Family Commons (1 hour long and FREE). It’s in cahoots with the social justice leadership conference.

Date: Saturday, March 28th
Time: 12:15 pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons, Usdan