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Procrastination Destination: Animal Livefeeds


Did yesterday’s therapy dogs leave you wanting more furry love? Are you more excited to go home to your dog/cat/other beloved pet than to your friends or family? Do you still feel “too stressed” to start your Government paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, or even if you’ve simply abandoned any pretense of getting work done, look no further.

The Internet is an incredible medium for sharing ridiculous and/or adorable animal antics. I think the first thing I ever watched on YouTube was a kitten video. Perhaps even better, though, is the live feed. Live feeds are great for extended periods of procrastination. Even if the puppies you’re watching are sleeping right now, they might wake up! That panda might come back. Also, it’s just one website, so there’s none of the shame of having forty videos in your web history during your “study break.” Contact with pets relieves stress, so probably watching animals on your computer is good for your mental health, right?

SuperPuppy Game Dish Liveblog

Reyonce Puppy Bowl

Argh classmateys, how are y’all doin’ today, hur? I hope you’re ready for today’s big game (if you know what I mean), because we’re liveblogging it. Not sure if you want to read the opinions of a bunch of clueless casual football observers expert sports analysts? Then maybe you’ll want to read our opinions on the nation’s premier puppy event instead.

Whatever your tastes may be, let the writers at Wesleying fill your evening with smiles, witty banter, and horrifying Beyoncé/Michael Roth hybrids. Liveblog entries will appear after the jump.

Photo Evidence: Therapy Dogs Come to Zelnick

Puppies on Fountain, puppies on Vine, puppies on Warren, puppies on Pine. Puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies at the corner of Wyllys and High. Puppies with us and puppies with them, puppies at Zelnick at 4 p.m.

Okay, they weren’t technically all puppies, but the parody doesn’t work so well otherwise. Bringing the best new event to Reading Week since chronic lung damage, Holly Everett ’15 and the rest of Sign and Writing Houses seemed to think student stress levels warranted bringing “6 lovely, cuddly dogs” to campus for pet therapy. The dogs hailed from Tails of Joy,  a nonprofit affiliate group of Intermountain Therapy Animals based in Manchester, Connecticut, and they chilled in Zelnick for two hours on Saturday, greeting gushing Wesleyan students and generally acting like adorable, meticulously trained therapy dogs.  A few images from the historic interspecies mingle appear below.

[nggallery id=243]

Pet Therapy

Yes, stressed out students, you read the heading of this post correctly. The incredible Holly Everett ’15 sent us the best event ever:

We will have 6 lovely, cuddly dogs available for you to play with to lower your reading week stress level. Come by with your friends and enjoy these trained therapy dogs from Tails of Joy. Sponsored by Sign House and Writing House.

Date: Sunday, December 9
Time: 12pm-2pm
Place: Zelnick
Cost: No dollars
Facebook: Everyday I’m Facebookin’ 

Procrastination Destination Du Jour: The Fluffington Post

The Huffington Post won a Pulitzer prize recently, but The Fluffington Post would sweep the Pawlitzers(?).

Today’s Procrastination Destination, established in 2010, brands itself “your #1 source for breaking news and investigative journalism FLUFFY ANIMALS.” The website, originally intended to be “a scathing indictment of diminishing web journalism standards, or a repository of media about soft, petable creatures,” is brought to you by two editors at tech news site Mashable.

The frequently updated blog features compelling reportage on current issues accompanied by quality photography and the occasional photo story to get you through your day. Posts are conveniently tagged by species (puppies, kittens, bunnies, birds, rodentia, menagerie), enabling you to procrastinate more efficiently. If your free Netflix trial has run out, you can give Petflix a try. Or if you want to share your little bundle of joy with the world, “submit your fluff” here.

Wesleyan Students For Animal Welfare

Alexa Atamanchuk ’12 sends in a puppy picture so freakin’ cute, you’ll wish you never forgot about Cute Roulette:

The first meeting of Wesleyan Students for Animal Welfare is this week!  WSAW is the only club at Wes that addresses animal rights and welfare issues and lets you play with animals on a weekly basis (if you want we won’t force you).
We’ll be discussing/setting up fund raising events and shelter volunteering for the upcoming year. Leadership roles within the club are available; e-mail aatamanchuk(at)wes for more info

Date: Thursday, October 6
Time: 8:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: Usdan 110
Spending hours on Cute Roulette instead of reading Kant: priceless

Become a Peer Health Advocate!



Are you interested in safer sex and responsible drinking? Do you enjoy displaying your prowess with condoms? Do you just really like talking and doing things? How do you feel about working with puppies?

If you responded positively to any (or all!) of the above, you might consider becoming a Peer Health Advocate!

Winners of last semester’s Study Sex College Tour (and $3,000 worth of sex toys), WesWell’s peer health education group works to make Wesleyan a healthier and less stressful place, one tenga egg at a time. Intrigued? Find out more.

Online applications can be found here, and are due September 30th.

Not enough auditions for you? Desperate Measures to the rescue.

From Ariel Lesnick ’14:

Do you enjoy making shit up?
Do you watch “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in those fabulous late-night ABC Family time-slots?
Do you mime out the majority of your actions to be ultra-specific (slash talk with your
hands a lot)?
Then have WE got the place for you!!

Come audition for Desperate Measures, Wesleyan’s short-form Improv comedy group!! Auditions will be held on Sunday from 3-4 pm and Tuesday from 9-10 pm in the “East Room” (which is in the Theatre Studios in the CFA). No experience is necessary, just come on down and I am sure, laughter will ensue!

There will probably be a silly hat. No promises though.