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Resist with Style: Queer Wesleyan Shirts

imageDamn. Don’t you want that on your chest? If so, you’ll need $6 and a willingness to interface with cool people like Sophie Massey ’15:

In the 90’s and early 2000s the queer community made shirts. I’m trying to bring that back. I’m attaching the design that will be on the t-shirt. There are 3 shirt options: a black tank with white writing, a black t-shirt with white writing, or a pink t-shirt [Ed. note: !!!] with black writing.

The words are from the list Professor Greg Goldberg read at the discussion on same-sex marriage that he led. Virgil Taylor ’15 came up with the triangle formation.

They’re $6 and whoever is interested needs to fill out an order form. Here’s the link to the Facebook page.


Hit up the order form and send in your $6 by February 18 if you want the goodies. (You want them.)

Queer Art is Back and Hungry

The somewhat nameless queer art magazine that was published twice last year (covers below) is back and ready for action. This time, featuring YOUR work.

We are up and running and hungry for your submissions. We’ll publish at least one piece from every person who submits (within reason), promise. Things we accept include: poetry, prose, short fiction (under 5 pages), comics, photos, ideas for a real name for this publication, sheet music, collages, coloring book pages, doodles, drawings, anything that can be reproduced in 2-D black and white. So submit your work, whether you identify with the endless acronym (LGBTTQQAIFGPBDSM) or if your art’s just real fucking queer, we don’t care. We want it.

Send submissions to: openhouselit [at] gmail [dot] com or wesbox 90027

Deadline: Apr 1

SWERVE(D) and Queer Art: Two Calls for Submissions

(Cliff Notes: Submit to Openhouselit(at)gmail(dot)com if your art’s “real fucking queer.” Submit to emailSWERVED(at)gmail(dot)com if it’s not.)

First, some info on a cool new website that intends to showcase Wes creative efforts:

SWERVE(D).org is a new website. It wants to share Wesleyan’s creative works. That means: 2D and 3D art, photography, sound, videos, poetry, prose, or anything else you want to submit.

It’s kind of like putting stuff up on your own blog, only it’s public. It’s meant to allow open sharing of the community’s creativity, so that people can show what they’ve done and see what other people on campus are doing.  It wants your work to make this happen!

Submit work with your name, class year, title, and desired category to emailSWERVED(at)gmail(dot)com. First submission deadline: October 31st. The site will go live in November.